Michelle Obama, "America’s Top Model?"

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After continuing vitriolic smears and attacks on Republican Sarah Palin, especially over claims the RNC spent $150,000 on her wardrobe during the failed campaign of John McCain just last year, we now discover that new First Lady, Michelle Obama has added “a full-time makeup artist to her traveling entourage,” becoming the first First Lady to do so.


Unlike the RNC using donated campaign money to dress Sarah Palin, this would be on the taxpayers dime as I am sure the cost is taken out of the First lady’s “staff budget.”

Not only uncalled for, but wrong, is the articles mention of “It took Laura Bush four years to finally look good. It’s taken Michelle Obama two months.” Laura Bush exudes class, a natural beauty from the inside.

Is it necessary to employ a “full time make up artist” for the First Lady?

Is this but another example of the Obama’s excesses, as was flying in Pizza Chefs for a luncheon for 140 people?

Why are we being asked to sacrifice while they enjoy such excesses? Shouldn’t leaders lead by example?

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4 thoughts on “Michelle Obama, "America’s Top Model?"

  1. This is like the pizza thing. We have a political class emerging in the United States, where the goal of politicians is to escalate their own prestige, prominance, and power. Obama is clearly a part of that political class which fancies itself much more important to the world than other, more useful professions. So much for the citizen legislature.

  2. Of course

    I am amazed on how folks like Obama, Pelosi, Frank, Kerry and the like like to make speaches on how Americans should run their own lives..

    Yet they themselves take advantage of the system that they work in to get perks and benefits denied to many Americans all at Tax Payer expense.

    I agree.. they should lead by example.. but aparently.. they expect us ot ignore what they are doing and follow blindly the vague agenda they expouse on us.

  3. Leave poor Michelle alone – she needs a full-time make up artist. Laura Bush had a natural beauty that came from within and she didn’t need to cover it. Obama’s whole life is shrouded in secrecy so naturally his wife’s face would be too.

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