Michael Steele Selected As RNC Chairman

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After a day-long process of close votes, Michael Steele, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, has won the position of Party Chairman of the National Republican Committee. Steele is also the first African American to serve in that position.

On accepting the Chair, Steele said, “This is awesome. I accept and appreciate all of you for the opportunity to serve as the next national chairman of our very proud, our very strong, and our very, very hard working Republican National Committee.”

Steele Wins RNC Chairmanship

I welcome Mr. Steele to the party Chair and hope his efforts to return our party to solid conservative footing will be successful.

I also hope that he will make a strong effort to bring other Blacks home to the party that has actually stood with them more against racism and fought Democrats for decades for their Civil Rights.

The Myth of the Racist Republicans

Congratulations on winning the Chair, Mr. Steele. Now, let’s get busy on setting both the party and America on the right track again.

As expected, my email inbox is not deluged with Breaking News Alerts of this “Historic Selection.”

Michael Steele Biography

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36 thoughts on “Michael Steele Selected As RNC Chairman

  1. Well it is about time. We Republicans are women, men, black, white, hispanic, asian and gay etc. Yes that’s right. We are a conservative base who want to work together, for the betterment of our country and for our generations to come.

    This is indeed the dream of Martin Luther King Jr, Republican. To be equal.

    Now if we can just get the Democratic Party to cross the isle and truely be bipartison and to work with us towards the same goal.

  2. The Republicans actually did it? Amazing, but not really. If it was any other political party (Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, Green Party,, Socialist Party) it would be believable.

    It is clear that this is only a sad strategy to try and curry favor with Black Americans. If there wasn’t a black president, would the GOP have chosen Steele? Very doubtful

    As it was pointed out in the media today, the GOP has a huge problem with racism. Since the passage of the civil rights act, racists have flocked to the Republican Party. And during this last election, it was clear by the openly embraced racism within the GOP, that the hatred towards blacks still exists in the Republican Party.

    Why just a month ago, the Republican faithful where embracing the song “Barack the Magic Negro” promoted joyfully by Rush Limbaugh and other conservative Republican commentators. Lew, even you mocked those who complained about it like somehow it was acceptable.

    I take your post here, Lew, as kind of a joke. And I am a bit surprised to not seeing you call Mr. Steele “homey”. But we will wait and see.

  3. Really pitiful, dis’abled.’

    I suggest you read the link above. If that one isn’t to your liking, try this one with pictures

    The joke is on you Democrats who try to hide that the racism in America has always been from Democrats.

    Try studying some actual history and see how Democrats opposed Civil Rights for over a century and only embrced Civil Rights to keep Blacks poor and confined to ghettoes, taking dismal hand-outs.

    Is Michael Steele my Home Boy? You betcha!

    Unlike homey, he isn’t a clown!

  4. Unable Johnson, are you projecting your own racism? Case in point. What exactly is racist about saying Borak the magic negro? Would it be racist to say Bush the magic Caucasion? The phrase Borack the Magic Negro was started by a black democrat reporter at the LA Times, a liberal rag. The song, a parody, is actually making fun of Al Sharpton, Democrat. Ha ha.

  5. Yes Congratulations Michael. The Comparisons with 1993 are very similar. I hope you’ve been in touch with Governor Hally Barber (RNC CHAIRMAN from 1993-1997). Hally also knows how to defeat Liberalism and bring the economy back on its feet again. Go get um Michael, and remember in this present crisis Government is not the solution Government is the Problem – President Ronald Reagan 1981. How right he was.

  6. I read somewhere that both Lew and Whichywoman were the same people. With the tandem response I think there maybe something to the claim.

    I think what it is Lew-Whichy is you are so un-able to admit the hatred and transgressions that your party committed in the last century that you are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Sorry, it won’t work. The Republican Party grew from the party of scalawags into being the party of the segregationists.

    For the first 100 or so years, the GOP was “for” civil rights, sure. Then they switched sides with the Democrats, and for last half a century and some odd years, they’ve been more involved on the “against” side. If you can’t admit that, you have problems.

    I leave you with this.

    If the GOP is such the party of civil rights, why did they need to employ the “Southern Strategy”? The Southern strategy for you uneducated buffoons refers to a Republican method of winning Southern states in the latter decades of the 20th century and first decade of the 21st century by exploiting racism among white voters. Correct me if I am wrong, the Republicans attempted to employ such a strategy in the last election?

    Also, if the GOP is such a big tent accept all colors party, what can you say about the fact that in the modern era the vast majority like 98% of all Elected Blacks are Democrats? Is this a coincidence? I suspect you will probably think so in effort to hoist your own twisted agenda.

    Maybe some of the others who can’t read will believe your nuttiness. Still the same, good try anyways.

  7. Poor poor ‘dis’abled. Didn’t you ever answer witchypoo’s little riddle?

    One thing I always get a kick out of with you neo-coms is how you project your racism and bigotry on others.

    Since you all are so for the Blacks, why are they still in poverty and ghettoes after decades of your exclusive help?

    How is it they are incapable of actually accomplishing anything without your “white” liberal help?

    Not my view, but typical neo-com who keeps them locked into Uncle Sam’s Plantation.

    Do yourself and favor and click on the links I posted. Read and heed, before you embarrass yourselves more.

    I just love it when the founders and purveyors of the Klan call others racist.

  8. “Not my view, but…”

    Then why did you say it?

    All that aside, I see you won’t answer ANY of the questions. And you only could respond disdain towards blacks getting ahead. I guess for you blacks getting ahead in this country only constitutes them becoming members of the Republican Party. Sad.

    This says is all why Republicans nationwide have lost and will continue to lose elections. It is the hatred, disdain and falsehoods that is so prevelent in the party these days that you seem love to promote. Keep up the good work. It make the job for us Liberals and Democrats a whole lot easier.

    BTW: Better cool it with the “disabled” comments, someone might think you are mocking those missing limbs. Still the same, I would rather be “dis-abeled”, dissing on you then a mental weakling like yourself. 😉

    Night, night, Old Chap!

  9. Still with the pitiful efforts, ‘dis’abled?

    Apparently you are unable to read anything beyond simple first grade level, or you are afraid at seeing the truth about your beloved neo-com Democrats.

    150 years of racist history ignored.

    Perhaps you and your neo-com cronies will join in and sign this petition for an apology to Blacks. Ya’ll seem to go big for apologies, it should be right up your alley.

    Funny thing about Republicans and Blacks. We don’t see the need to label those not of our party as Sambo, Uncle Tom, Neanderthals, Oreo and other such nefarious labels you neo-coms have hung on Blacks that exercise their free will and become Republicans.

    All the diversionary tactics you wish to throw out will not hide the 150 year history of racism & bigotry that belongs exclusively with the Democrat Party and remains unapologized for still.

    Nor does installing a Marxist token nearly Black puppet in the Oval office erase any of it.

    What do we desire of Blacks? To be able to succeed and get off of Uncle Sam’s Plantation. We desire to see the hopelessness ghetto life locks them in come to an end. Roosevelts New Deal only fooled them into going along with it and since, their lives have not improved a bit!

    Some legacy the neo-com Democrats leave behind them.

    Then again, by keeping them confined to the ghettoes, you neo-coms have no fear of competing with them, do you?

    Take this little history test and see how well you do.

  10. Democrats are so racist that they elected the first African American President of the US of A and have all the African American Senators and Representatives. What happened to you Repubicants. Can’t bring yourselves to run someone other than white man for office?


    A token puppet proves what great people Democrats are?

    How long have you Dems ran the ghettoes and what improvement have people living in them made during that time?

    Seems to me that in all the decadessince Dems decided to hide their 150 year racist history and pretend to actually care about equality, they have gone out of their way to keep Blacks especially, poor, uneducated and dependent on White Democrats.

    When does the Democrat party apologize to Blacks for their 150 year history of bigotry?

  12. Unable Johnson are you 12 years old or something? MiniMe, Unable, I am not sure which one I am talking to.

    How can you say this?

    “The Southern strategy for you uneducated buffoons refers to a Republican method of winning Southern states”

    and then turn around and say this?

    “Correct me if I am wrong,”

    No, you figure it out yourself. Your Jr. High School classes should be covering this. Boy.
    Do you even know what an Able Johnson is? 😉 You are Unable.

    YOUR President is the one that brought out racism is still alive and well. Sad coming from a black man in the highest position in America. Did you hear the old racist poem recited at inaugeration? Pitiful.

    “Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man, and when white will embrace what is right.”

    That is not the way I remember it being recited. In the black community I heard it all the time. Pitiful, that is you democrats have to give. All the education in America and you recite a racist poem.

    I can assure you I am not King Lew, duh. I am Victoria remember? Or maybe she is me. Ha ha.

  13. Kudos to Michael Steele! He’s been deserving of something like this for some time and after Democrats invaded his privacy and threw oreos at him when he tried to be a senator, I’m glad Republicans manned up and proved that unlike the fake anti-racists, they’re the real deal on this issue. The important thing about Steele, the most important thing in fact, is that he’s a black man bringing new ideas and a fresh approach to his new position. This is in stark contrast to Barrack Obama who brings the same old failed ideas of old white men to the table.

    BTW: Condi Rice and Sarah Palin? We need a good ticket, not a conservative ticket weakened by the presence of Palin.

  14. For the first 100 or so years, the GOP was “for” civil rights, sure. Then they switched sides with the Democrats, and for last half a century and some odd years, they’ve been more involved on the “against” side. If you can’t admit that, you have problems.

    That’s because Democrats adopted the issue of fake civil rights and Republicans decided to stand for classic civil rights. I can see why this might be confusing, Abel, especially if you begin from the assumption that Republicans are racist and never bother to examine the belief.

  15. The only racism with regard to what this post in about is Michael Steele defending former REPUBLICAN Gov. Bob Ehrlich’s decision to hold a $100,000 fundraiser at a country club that did not have any non-white members. No surprise there. But, maybe you could stay on topic Mr. Lew/Whichy?

    More intregueing, while listening to the Saturday Political Radio shows it became clear that “real conservatives” don’t support Michael Steele. Seems the “real conservatives” don’t believe Mr. Steele is a “real conservative”. Maybe because Mr. Steele doesn’t support the Federal Marriage Amendment which prohibits gay marriage. I like that he doesn’t but I am sure you all don’t. Apparently the “real conservatives” dispise him for it along with several other issues he is “soft” on. Maybe Mr. Steele will move the Republican Party to being the ALL inclusive big tent party?

    Given this I will hold any further comments. It is much more pleasurable watching you “real conservatives” rip each other and the Republican Party apart. To the point, it makes the work of us “true liberal” neo coms a whole lot easier.

    I leave you with this. It has been said by a few conservative commentators that the Republican Party isn’t a national party any longer. By the look of the scathing loses the GOP incured across the nation and more predicted for 2010, I suspect the assessment is spot on. With Michael Steele’s opposition within the conservative wing of the GOP, how long you think it will take him to restore the GOP national party status? I am thinking at least until 2018.

  16. Keith, I have to disagree with you on Sarah Palin. She almost single handledly energized the conservatives who were sitting out in protest of McCain.

    Granted, she couldn’t energize enough, but she then again, she faced an unprecedented assault on her family and person by our media who ignored everything about B HO.

    For ‘dis’abled, I laugh at accounts of leftists claiming Dixiecrats became Republicans. Maybe a couple changed their ways and switched, but by and large, those Democrats repeatedly stated they would rather vote for a yellow dog instead of a Republican, most going to their deaths still Democrats.

    Hasn’t your class gotten to American History yet?

    Really comical you telling me to “stay on topic.” Son, look again, I started this topic!

    As for the Republican Party being splintered and in dire straights, yes, that is why someone like Michael Steele is a good choice for us. Not because he is Black, but because he has spine.

    In case you missed it, he is reported to have said after his election that “bipartisanship is overrated.” He has the gumption needed to take a stand and fight back against you neo-coms, unlike the lilly livered moderate RINO’s that have run the party.

    Have your white flags at the ready, son. We is fighting back and fighting back like you never expected.

    As for me & witchypoo, you still can’t figure out her little riddle, can you? Do you need it restated?

    Or, are you just a moron?

  17. As with most things, Abel, his reasons matter more than his opposition. There is a huge difference between opposing a Federal Marriage Amendment to avoid “writing discrimination into the Constitution” and opposing it because you feel that the most extreme solution is unwarrented. Which describes Steele’s reason?

    Sounds great, Abel. So you only think it’ll take 8 years for the Republican Party to bounce back from this drubbing? You must really think well of the party if you predict such a fast recovery.

  18. I know you disagree with me, Lew. It doesn’t particularly matter to me that others think well of Palin and view her as the future; I am still awaiting evidence that she can or will translate her personal conservatism into conservative policies. Heck, she’s now one of the GOP governors asking the Senate Republicans to support the bailout because it means free money for her state. Since when does a genuinely conservative governor go asking the federal government to spend like a drunken liberal so they can get some green?

  19. You could be right Mr. Moore. It may take a whole lot longer. The GOP has become a kind of American joke. Even Pat Buchanon uses it as a punchline. And why with the far rights like Michael Savage and many others constantly assulting the party, it appears it may take at least a decade or more.

    Maybe you could agree that Sarah Palin and her kookiness helped drive the final nail in the GOP and into the conservative movement for that matter. There is no getting away from the notion that the Conservative Movement is dead.

  20. “but she then again, she faced an unprecedented assault on her family and person by our media who ignored everything about B HO”

    Maybe she should have been honest and forthright. It may have been to that she appeared very uneducated, not knowing much abount anything. I mean, “she sees Russia from her porch”. She can’t name 1 magazine that she reads accept “all of them”. She didn’t know Africa was a continent. These are just a few. If that isn’t inviting media interest I don’t know what is.

  21. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,’dis’abled. You watch too much TV.

    The “I can see Russia from my porch” comment was said by Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live, not by Sarah Palin.

    Palin Africa Comment Hoax

    Sarah Palin Rumors

    Gawd, ‘dis’able, I didn’t realize you really were that gullible. No wonder you fall for everything the neo-coms tell you.

    MAybe by the time you reach High School you will have learned some discernment and not just believe what neo-coms tell you.

  22. The Republicans might be dead but the conservative movement has always been stronger than any particular party. The essential conservative philosophy has endured the changeover of its representative political party from the Federalists to the Whigs to the Republicans without being weakened at all. I think you’re making the classic error of assuming that conservatives and Republicans are the exact same thing; if they were, the Republicans would be holding even or perhaps even a majority in both houses and the Republican candidate wouldn’t have been John McCain.

    When the Republicans return to conservatism, the party will have completed its ressurrection; back-to-back-to-back smackdowns will do more than anything else to wake them up and get them to realize that imitating the Democrats is the wrong way to win. I realize that you yearn to see conservatism defeated but I’m afraid that the liberals will stop loving socialism before conservatism is defeated. It’s just too strong of a philosophy, especially since it has the virtue of having the truth on its side.

  23. Keith –

    “I realize that you yearn to see conservatism defeated but I’m afraid that the liberals will stop loving socialism before conservatism is defeated. It’s just too strong of a philosophy, especially since it has the virtue of having the truth on its side.”

    Keith, so now you have been missed over thte past couple months. I am assuming the statement, “It’s too strong a philosophy” was referring to conservatism, so now when did you say you were running for public office???!!

  24. Lew,

    Apparently you don’t read or watch much TV at all. I am a little shocked by your blindness. Oh well. Reagan is gone, what more do you have to latch onto?

    Sarah Palin Discusses Russia With Katie Couric

    Palin on her insight into Russian Politics

    Everytime I watch these Palin interviews it makes me sad for the Republican Party and the U.S. Political system that someone like this even has any sort of chance to be in the White House.

    I think Matt nailed it.

  25. Does it really matter, Lew? There really is no difference in Palin’s or SNL’s statement. Either way, she still looks like a kookie undereducated fool, which is probably why America rejected her. Needless to say, she is a memory and will never be on the national stage again accept as a punchline.

  26. I hope you’re right about that, Abel. There’s been talk about her being the new Republican standard-bearer which would be a disasterous move. She represents the wing of the Republicans that has recently been losing elections for the party.

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