Left Pretends There’s No Increased Crime With Illegal Aliens

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illegal alien flyer

The left and their handmaidens at Blue Oregon (but I repeat myself) have gone after Republican lawmaker Julie Parrish for handing out a flyer describing the rape of a girl at the hands of a man who was illegally in the country.

The left, it seems, does not want to acknowledge that by giving illegal aliens in-state tuition and other things they should not be entitled to that it serves as a magnet to other, less savory people.

Carlaaxt and Parrish

So what did the left do? Attack Julie Parrish via Twitter.  When I saw it I had to chime in. I don’t want the state rep thinking that Carla Axtman’s intentional misread and mislead of this will be the final narrative. Twitter is a free fire zone. People don’t play nice there. And the left will not have Julie Parrish’s back. On anything. Ever. She should not make the mistake of thinking they will. 



Carlaaxt and Parrish 2















Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.