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Sam has a new TV show. It’s called,”Are You Hotter Than a 12th Grader?”
From Andy of Beaverton

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4 thoughts on “Latest Sam Joke

  1. At this point, “Mayor” Sam Adams is the brunt of jokes.

    However, his actions are hardly humorous. He has apparently lied repeatedly, engaged others to lie, and perhaps solicited the silence of others. And this doesn’t even speak to his lack of judgement, subjecting the City to unnecessary liability on his behalf.

    At this point, given the endless stream of new disclosures, who knows what other laws inclusive of election laws, that he has violated. He has certainly breached the Public’s confidence. Despite the main function of the Mayor to establish the leadership tone of the City, establish policy and oversee tis operations, it is hard to grant him any credibility in those endeavors.

    Further it is hard to acknowledge the authority of the other members of the City Council, who by their very silence, seemingly condone his actions. Obviously, at this point, any official action taken by the City Council is suspect in their acquiescence of the shadow of lies and deception surrounding the Mayor.

    He needs to resign and they need to make it happen! The other City Council members, subject to the City’s Code of Ethics, need to end their silence and demand his resignation!! To do anything less, simply suggests that they embrace such unethical behavior as the standard for “business as usual” in managing the operations of the City Portland.

  2. I think the city of Portland should get a chance to vote again. Now they have knowledge, now they can vote with that in mind. A luxury they weren’t given before.

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