Kurt Schrader’s Pretty Blue Unicorns

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Blue Dogs: As Rare As Unicorns

Congressman Kurt Schrader is once again trying to pass himself as a Blue Dog (read: moderate) Democrat. This time it’s the Salem Statesmen Journal carrying his water. Sigh.

The paper reports that Schrader is trying to resurrect the dying Blue Dog Congressional coalition that he claims would “reach out to the other side” in settling the current fiscal debates in Congress.

“Who’s going to be helping our leadership when it comes time to put some of the difficult spending cuts on the table? Blue Dogs are ones that believe we have to look at spending…”

Spending cuts? Blue Dog Democrats? Who does he think he’s kidding?

Oregon’s 5th District representative voted for stimulus, spendulous, Cash for (fill in the blank) programs, ObamaCare and global warming cap and tax. You’d think those votes alone would forever mark him as a confirmed liberal, but the Statesman Journal is playing along with Schrader’s latest version of “I may vote far left but see, I CALL myself a ‘moderate’ so that must count for something” game.

Here’s what else he says about “reaching out to the other side:”

And [the coalition] would be especially helpful to Democratic leaders as they try to win support among liberals for unpopular entitlement cuts, he said. — and not take a meat ax to it as our Tea-Party buddies would,”

He name calls while supposedly ‘reaching out to the other side.” Classy. And phony. Just like his claim to moderation.

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