John Trudel: Obama’s “foreign policy” has inspired more jihadis

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Obama’s Wars – have all “accidently” aided the rise of Radical Islam.

Obama’s Iraq “bug out” – Snatched defeat from the Jaws of victory, exactly as George Bush and ALL OUR MILITARY ADVISORS HAD WARNED. (The video link below is the most watched video Fox has ever posted, with over 40 million views.)

Obama’s illegal military action in Libya – led to the Benghazi debacle, which (proof is hopefully coming soon from the Select Committee investigation) directly led to:

Obama Administration arms-running from Libya through Turkey into Syria

  • Which destabilized Syria
  • Which led to the rise of radical Islam (as has all the “Arab Spring” initiatives)
  • Which led to ISIS (which Obama helped arm and fund)
  • Which led to the destabilization and collapse of Iraq and establishment of a Caliphate
  • Which led to Obama saying the Islamic State was neither Islamic or a State
  • Which inspired Obama to ask for Congress to authorize “Libya 2.0,” with America providing arms and air support to jihadists who will use them against us. And to include Iran and Russia as a “friendly force” in the Mid-East, which we will support and fund.

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