It’s All America’s Fault, Naturally

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Recently Hillary Clinton, failed presidential candidate, former First Lady in one of the most scandal ridden administrations in history, one term US Senator and current Secretary of State, spared no effort during a recent visit to Mexico City blaming America for the current Drug War in Mexico.

Hillary said to reporters,

“Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade. Our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the death of police officers, soldiers and civilians.”

Just a couple problems with her claims.

First of all, what is this “our” in her claim of an “insatiable demand for illegal drugs?” I have no desire at all for “illegal drugs,” nor does anyone I know personally. In fact, conservative beliefs and values are most commonly anti-illegal drugs. With few exceptions, hasn’t it been conservatives and Republicans executing the so-called War on Drugs?

Again, with few exceptions, hasn’t it been liberals and Democrats who largely oppose this war and push more for allowing this so-called “insatiable desire?”

Or, was Hillary actually only meaning those of her own values?

Second, Mexican Drug Cartels aren’t who are using smuggled weapons from the U.S. to murder and kill Mexican Military and Police. They are armed with fully automatic military weapons, not available at any gun shop or gun show in America or to any private citizen.

Any weapons being smuggled south into Mexico aren’t fully automatic military weapons, but simple stolen handguns being used by private Mexican citizens to protect themselves, since Mexico has a ban on guns dating back to 1968.

Ralph Weller wrote a very enlightening article for Gun News Daily after spending much time south of the border and witnessing just what all they had down there.

As he also says, an article appearing the Latin American Herald details the arrest of a Cartel Hit man and their seizure of many weapons, including “23 grenades, two grenade launchers, and a rocket launcher,” none of which are available to any member of the private sector in America

Hillary is right that we do need to stand with the Mexican Authorities, but blaming America and turning a blind eye to Mexican government corruption will not accomplish anything.

Dealing with the public and foreign media honestly and Mexico addressing an end their own corruption will.

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26 thoughts on “It’s All America’s Fault, Naturally

  1. Hey I don’t know who she is talking about in saying “our” fault. I have never condoned the taking of drugs. Not even marijuana. So no it is now our fault that Mexico has an out of control drug cartel, and corrupt police. I don’t think it is “our” responsibility to clean it up either.

    This is the lefts doing. The liberal anything goes agenda. From drug abuse and if it feels good do it. To the open borders, which sadly many Republicans have lost sight of how important it is to adhere to principles.

    This is like the waking up the morning after and realizing you should not have been involved in risky behaviour.

    Isn’t she married to that cute Clinton boy that had drugs flown in to Alabama? What about that Ms. Clinton? Man these liberals always get a pass from the the lefty media.

  2. Yanno, the knee-jerk response of ridicule to Clinton’s statement is all well and good but one shouldn’t reject a legitimate point just because you despise the person who made it. Consider this: where do the drugs that are manufactured and/or transported through Mexico typically go? Where is the biggest market for this product? Frankly, the answer to both question is the United States. No, violent cartels in Colombia are not the fault of America in general but the market that America provides for the product that the cartels are selling is the root of the ability of these cartels to buy protection and weapons.

    Practically speaking, drugs are not like human beings. The border could be closed off tighter than the walls of a supermax prison and some enterprising smuggler could tiptoe around it with a package (worth hundreds of thousands of dollars) no bigger than a briefcase. When one looks with any sort of honesty at the problem, when it is virtually impossible to choke off supply utterly and you cannot wave a magic wand and make addicts stop wanting their crack; both supply and demand in this case are impervious to effective regulatory or legal attack. But there IS a way to use our understanding of markets to our ultimate advantage. There is no doubt that scarcity during constant demand increases the price and makes production vastly more profitable… and the reverse is true. I wonder if anyone has seriously considered using all of the money we waste in various endeavors to flood the markets with supply. It’s a revolting concept, to be fair, but how long do you think a cartel would survive if its major customer suddenly refused to buy from them? How would they prosper if the price of a needle of heroin went from $30 to $3? There is a great opportunity to kill the cartels with market forces and frankly, with all the other stupid and occassionally malicious things that government does with taxpayer money, handing out medically-pure cocaine at the city “treatment center” aint all that evil.

  3. Keith, this isn’t a “Knee jerk” reaction just because Hillary said it.

    I agree the border needs sealed and have been calling for that for sometime. Neither party has shown much interest in that, including Hillary herself.

    Legalizing drugs has been an ongoing call, but that has its own problems as stated by the International Narcotics Control Board.

    Still, with the conservative call for drug enforcement versus the liberal call for drug use, just who is really the market for such illicit drugs?

    More importantly to me, is this notion that guns must be controlled even more strictly in America to stop their theft and being smuggled to the drug cartels when the weapons they are using isn’t available to Americans, much less being available for theft.

    This is a bogus reason to impose stricter gun controls on us that isn’t needed or even true.

  4. I agree. Personally I think that whatever consenting adults do should be thier own business. That would include drugs and prostitution. I say legalize both and tax the drugs, tax the drugs heavily. Tax the hookers and their johns. It would be a whole new revenue and legal to boot.

    I don’t know, that is my two cents worth anyway.

  5. I didn’t say legalize, Lew. Having the government distribute something doesn’t neccessarily require legalization as the government reserves for itself the right to own and distribute certain goods which are illegal for citizens to own and/or distribute. Technically, “medical marijuana” isn’t legalized in the sense that the government (supposedly) is the only entity that can permit ownership and such permission can be withdrawn at any time.

  6. I think we should legalize adult choices; and have huge penalties for encouraging or contributing to dangerous behaviors by minors.

    However, employers would have the right to say, while working for them, your system had to be clean of certain substances (meaning if it stays in your system for 10 days, do not use it within 10 days of coming to work.)

    And if someone fries their brains, so they can not contribute to society, then we should not be using tax funds to help them out UNLESS before frying their brain, they contributed to the tax system, enough to accomodate their later burden on the tax system.

    But I think that because you guys don’t like Hillary, you have decided that her statement indicates it is ALL our fault, because that one is easy to call ridiculous.
    Did she use the word ALL?

    I still think we could make a lot people safer with more law enforcement officers. But that costs money, that then can not be spent on other things like bailing out corporations, building stadiums, buying art etc …

  7. Folks your wrong and 95% off topic: This is not about our demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade that’s going on down on that border, this is about Guns and the 2nd amendment here in America according to Billary. Billary wants to blame all that violence there on our right to own guns here in America. Some of you have really been suckered by Billary.

    PS: and for you folks that remember what Bill & Hillary tried to do to the 2nd amendment in 1993-1994 ITS BACKKKKKKKKKKKKK with even more stupid rhetoric. Wake up

    2009-2010-2012 looking good

  8. Eileen, There are about 8 million employers in the U.S. right now who have zero tolerance for any drug use, including but not limited to marijuana. They all have random drug tests and if any of their primary employees test positive, they are gone. These companies are members of the trucking industry and the airline industry.

  9. Actually, folks it is our fault! When the US government decides to pin medals on the chest of border guards who enforce the border laws and shoot drug smugglers, the drug problems will be well on the way to solution.

    But our government has provided cover for Mexican drug crime bosses and organizations by arresting and prosecuting border guards, for example — Agents Ramos and Compean, who have acted in the line of duty to legitimately protect the integrity our borders and prevent drug entry! Who else is really to blame but our government?

    Since the Big O has put Homeland Security in the hands of Janet Napolitano, who vetoed most every Arizona state immigration enforcement bill appearing on her desk until running for re-election in 2006, can we assume anything less than similar obstruction on her watch in Washington, DC?

    This administration can create all the noise it wants in the mass media about sending troops to the border to fight the drug war, but all the noise simply reminds me of words of Zell Miller about Kerry in his speech in 2004,

    “This is the man who wants to be the commander in chief of our U.S. Armed Forces? U.S. Forces armed with what? Spit balls?”

    Is that what the “American Idol” triumvirate – Obama, Napolitano, and Clinton have in mind for the troops being sent to the border — Arming them with Spitballs??

  10. Following 9/11 when the government had carte blanche from the public to protect our borders, what specific initiatives did Bush and the Republican Congress take to protect the integrity of our borders?

  11. Hasn’t that been the beef for a long time, cheesey? We faulted Bush for that and have yet to see the left faulting Clinton, Carter, or homey fof not sealing the borders.

    Yet, you forget that it was Republican Duncan Hunter who got a bill through to build a stronger fence and it was defunded largely by the Democrats when they seized Congress in 2007.

    Try reading a bit of history before you try to divert a thread into your usual Bush bashing, son.

    Feel free to list all the actions taken by Democrats, or homey, in sealing the borders.

    Both party’s have been severely lacking there.

  12. Thank you for answering the question. Bush and the Republican Congress did nothing to protect the integrity of the borders. Just don’t forget that, ever.

    Now you can criticize Obama’s approach to the immigration and border problem all you want. Just don’t claim that the Republicans are the answer. They were not and are not.

  13. Cheesey, even you are that illiterate.

    Did you somehow forget Duncan Hunter above?

    You seem to also forget that Democrats have done even less that Bush and Republicans who failed to seal the borders. It is usually they who block any effort to seal them.

    Bray all you wish, but don’t you forget Democrats block efforts to seal the borders and stop terrorists from sneaking in along with the Illegals.

  14. In the interests of being as reasonable as possible, yes, Hard Cheese… after a carte blanche to protect America after 9/11, Republicans did not use their power to fix border security before the opposition could stumble to their feet. To be fair, Republicans also failed to enact most elements of their perpetual political platform when they seized power in 1994 with a popular Democrat president politically anemic in the midst of his major health care “reform” defeat and allegations of illegality. Yes, Republicans have a strange ability to become timid and cowering when it comes time for them to do what they’ve always vowed to do.

    All of that said, however, there IS another political party in the United States which tends to have a strong grip on power in between the Republican surges and to be frank, they’re worse than the Republicans. Republicans are either political cowards or hypocrites; Democrats make no attempt whatsoever to even pretend that they have any intention of solving the problem (unless giving all the illegals free citizenship every 10 years counts as a solution).

  15. When the left issues their “proclamations” on the way things are, truth and facts have nothing of any relevance in their statements. Facts and truth do not cease to exist just because they are ignored.

  16. Historical Revision needed,

    End to Polarization
    Absence of Lobbyists
    Bi Partisanship

    Iago, you need to start working on revising some of those campaign promises made by the big O. Perhaps you could simply go back and prior to each of the big O’s promises insert the word NO!

  17. Scottie,
    I know that,
    I just want to state that even IF certain drugs become legal, companies should be able to retain their current policies on drug use, and any law we place on the books, should make that clear.

    I think the “our” you are asking about is the “America” based on this in the original post
    “It’s All America’s Fault”

    Complaining about people being off topic or getting it wrong?

    So is the Right only the party of individual rights when those rights agree with their values?
    Or is this the Left?
    That is why they both see hypocrisy in the other side.

    It is not in the best interest of the country (related to production and health, and even the ability to defend ourselves) to have a bunch of people with fried brains due to drug use.
    So where does the best interest of the country take precedence over the rights of the individual (or the rights of private business).

    Personally, I think that marijuana should be legal for citizens over 60 (or sooner if they are retired and financially independent.)

  18. Eileen, how can the “our” be America when I easily showed most of us do not use illicit drugs and that the guns used by the drug cartels are not the guns available to the citizens of the US, therefore unable to be stolen to be smuggled?

    Why does the left seem to always blame America first instead of seeking the actual truth?

  19. Lew,

    My use of the word “our” was to question that premise, not state it to be true.

    My only use of the word was in this sentence:
    you have decided that her statement indicates it is ALL our fault,

    I was questioning the way this post was presented, and its conclusions related to what Hillary said, versus what she actually did say.

    But as I think about this, if we had more law enforcement active in this country, making it harder for people to buy and sell drugs in this country, that could help curb the problem in Mexico as well.
    There are multiple ways to decrease available customers.

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