Iraq Surrender Policy Doesn’t Go Down Well With People Fighting

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Get all the posts here, but you’ve got to love this sailor who calls out the Congress for what they area: Defeatists. I like the part about calling on the Iraqi government to stand up when the Congress isn’t even willing to do that.

As a sailor in Kuwait (it sounds weird to me too), I just want to tell you that those cowardly, greedy, short-sighted, spineless pieces of you know what that voted for this abortion of bill, should all be forced to come here for tour, just for a reality check. How can they complain about the Iraqi government not STEPPING UP, when the Congress is all but falling down! Talk about factions and greed! I can’t believe the pork in that bill. If such an arbitrary date is not harmful, and we are leaving regardless of conditions, WHY NOT cut off funding for the Iraq campaign, and have us home tomorrow? Oh, right, they would look bad. The election news wouldn’t hide it. Oh, yeah, election…….. They believe that THEY will be in charge in November…..God forbid that there are any messy international problems, especially ones that they VOTED FOR AND AUTHORIZED


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33 thoughts on “Iraq Surrender Policy Doesn’t Go Down Well With People Fighting

  1. It should be noted here, prominently, that Gordon Smith, Oregon’s not-so-favorite RINO, voted in full lockstep with the rest of the Democraps for this abomination.

  2. The fish wrapper’s poll says that Defazio can run agains Smith and possibly win. Why have a RINO when you can have the real thing.

  3. All the referenced posts from the service people appear to be anonymous. After reading them please read the special issue of Newsweek with the cover story: “Any day I’m here could be the day I die” “The Iraq War in The Words of America’s Dead”

  4. Fizziwigg: I have read this issue and am going out today and buying three copies, and sending them to three friends who are Republicans, or who I know are in favor of continuing this war. Will it make any difference? I don’t know, but it’s worth the slight effort required.

  5. The Soldiers comments “in my opinion” sound like someone thats well informed and Knows whats liberal BULL_ _ _ _ _ GARBAGE,
    and whats not. The Troops have it good with news these days without the Liberal Garbage, and know where to go for the TRUTH.
    To bad they didn’t during Vietnam.

    Ps “Concervatives on this Blog”
    do I need to give you a list Of Bull_ _ _ _ lIBERAL Socialist garbage “NOT” to read for News?
    But maybe for Entertainment.

    1. Newsweak
    2. The New York Times
    3. THE WashingtonComPost
    4. The Oregonian

    You get it

    PPS: Liberals, Those days are over trying
    to convince people to these Rags,
    Your Publications are on Life support.

    PPPS A “newspaper” is calling me right Now. I’m just letting it RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  6. Victoria: Do most of the Troops Know what happened here in PORTLAND, Moscow on the River, concerning the “HATE THE TROOPS , HATE AMERICA” Rally? Have the troops seen the F***the troops sign that the Democrats Displayed? Any blogs I can go to yet with soldiers responses?

  7. Memo to all Republicans:

    Notice how bush refuses to acknowledge that a majority of Americans want us out of Iraq and approve of what Congress is doing? Why is that? Because he thinks he’s a king. Well guess what. The AMERICAN PEOPLE are the deciders, not Bush. And certainly not you.

    So, with that in mind, your inane, incessant fearmongering and complete immorality and subjugation of an entire nation without regards to law or just cause will be your undoing. You lost Iraq due to lies and mismanagement, you lost the trust of the American people, and you lost in November as a result. The majority is setting America on a course towards justice, accountability, respectability, and peace.

    Do you have a problem with that?

    Too bad. Deal with it.

  8. Memo to all Socialist Communist Democrats:

    Notice that President Bush and the Troops would Like to win this battle in THE war on TERROR, in IRAQ, regardless of what you F***THE TROOPS, HATE AMERICA, SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS, THINKKKKKKKKK.
    And you will get real use to the word

    Ps: I will admit that
    Sen. Gordon Smith needs to be spanked.
    And he knows he will probably face a primary challenge.

  9. Really, then why hasn’t the majority voted to cut off funding for the war? Remember the Senate racew in Connecut was about the war. Remember the anti-war canadate lost in the general election.

    Memo to the majority.

    Now that you are in charge if Iraq is lost then its your fault. What comes with control is responsibility something that the democrats are very afraid of, hense instead of voting to cut off spending they chose non-binding resolutions and hidden time tables and requirements to an appropriation bill. Then to get their own members vote for it they loaded the bill up with a ton of pork projects. Tbe vote was so close there is no chance of over-riding Bush’s veto.

    So yes I have a problem with it. The lack of courage on the part of the majority to vote their convictions and cut off funding and bring the troops home now is mind boggling. The majority are simply not willing to stand up and take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, instead they want Bush to take the hit and that is not going to happen.

  10. Memo to nimlo,

    In a representative form of Governement decisions are made by those who are elected to do so. The President, Vice-President, members of congress and Senators. Article 1 specifies the areas responsibilities of Congress and Article 2 specifies the areas of responsibilites of the President. Foreign policy and comander-in-chief of the armed forces are defined under article 2 to be the responsibility of the President. Now in my copy of the Constitution the President is not required to take a public opinion poll as part of his duties as Comander-in-Chief of the military. Article 1 gives the Congress the power of the purse. Therefore if the vote last November was for getting out of Iraq, was hasn’t congress used it’s power of the purse to cut off funding the war instead of continuing to fund it although with deadlines for ending it.

    Answer: The majority in congress does not have the votes even in it’s own caucus to cut off finding ending the war this year. Another reason for the deadlines being next year is for political reasons only.

  11. President Bush can and must spend every waking moment (up to 9 hours a day!) telling everyone and anyone between now and April 15 that if the democrats don’t do exactly as he wants, then not only will American lose the war on terror, the evil democrats will be soley responsible for killing every one of our troops.

    The need for hyperbole and hysteria on this matter could not be more urgent. Not only must Congress give the President all the money he wants to do with whatever he wants, they must also let him do with it what he wants without consequence. He will never pull out of Iraq until we have completely won the war on terror and all that oil is controled only by friends of America.

    Winning is the only option! President Bush can and must make up whatever deadline he wants – as long as he lies in the name of Freedom. If Congress will not do as he says, he would do well to randomly slaughter each and every member of Congress who voted against him until they cater to his demands. Such drastic measures would not be criticized, but praised by the vast numbers of still Patriotic Americans who understand that winning is far more important than dignity, responsibility, integrity, and even humanity.

    We must win! We must do whatever it takes to win! Kill anyone and everyone until we win! Burn the whole planet to the ground if we have to! Win! Win! Win!

  12. W. has had authority to do whatever he wanted, Constitution be damned, for six-plus years, and he’s screwed everything up beyond comprehension.

    You wonder why people oppose him, yet you call *me* names.


    Hey, if we’re losing the war you all love so damn much, how come you aren’t joining the military to go fight it yourself?

  13. Would Bush stop saying Congress won’t or hasn’t passed a bill to fund the war. They passed TWO bills. If the situation is so dire then sign it into law. You can do one of your signing statements to ignore anything that you do not like. The Democrats are doing you a favor. Here’s a get out of Iraq card. Seize it now and thank them later when you don’t lose 20 MORE seats in the Senate and House next year.

  14. How about this:

    Bush signs a bill funding the war any bill. Oops I forgot congress has bugged out for the next two weeks so there is none to sign anyway. Anyway Bush signs the bill then in consert with Chenny they resign making Pelosi President. Boy would Hillary be mad.

    To answer your question mongo, untill congress returns and resolves both bills and passes one bill there is none for Bush to either sign or veto.

    Actually the Dems are going to be the big losers since they have failed so far to produce and the anti war crowd is upset.

  15. iknow,

    I have served my time as a 25 year employee of the DOD. Many of my friends and former coworkers have gone to Iraq as civilians and worked there on various civil works projects rebuilding the infrastructure.

    Funny isn’t it no one is calling for the DOD civilians to be redeployed, just those whose protection they depend on.

  16. nimlo,

    Have you considered the ramifications of a loss would be. Remember if you remove your army from the field of battle before victory you lose. One issue will be recruitment for the armed services will drop significantly. Who would want to join a loser? A draft may be in our future to meet recruitment goals.

    Another issue who can rely on us that when the going gets tough we run. Just think what things may have looked like if we cut and ran during WWII.

    Congress either must cut off funds for the war now or fund it without the pork or the deadlines. Telegraphing the other side our limits was a very stupid thing to do.

  17. Kodiak: If we lose? If we lose? Where have you been? Obviously not listening to the Iraqis who say the very presence of the US troops is a cause of the violence and not a solution.

  18. nimlo,

    A cause not ‘the’ cause? If that was the case then why doesn’t the Iraqi government simply ask us to leave. Bush is on the record that if the Iraqi government asks us to go then we’ll go. Again using simply public opinion polls to make decisions is not good leadership.

    It is foolish to think that our departing would end the bloodshed. Look at Vietnam, we cut and run then the demos passed laws preventing the president from helping the South when the north invaded.

    The demos plan on doing the very same thing in Iraq, after all it was them doing the comparing.

    That is why Bush pushed the Iraqi government to support a change in the way the war was being fought.

    Our job is to do what we can working with the Iraqi military to stablize the country while its political leaders resolved the political issues and come to a resolution of their differences.

    I have been listening, however that does not mean I blindly follow the herd like some around here.

    Look Bush was hired by us to make decisions and we did not fire him in 2004. He has not commited any impeachable offenses. No, not following public opinion polls is impeachable. No lying is not either see Clinton, and I disagree that Bush has lied. Remember the 2003 SOU speach came approximately 2 months after Congress voted to authorize Bush to use force in Iraq.

  19. mongo,

    We are very good at fighting wars, what we have trouble with is nation building.

    We all have to remember that the Iraqis them selves are paying a high price to rebuild their country and not all of them are involved in the killing. Those who are simply trying to rebuilt their lives deserve all the help we can give them.

    We must not assume that the violence will stop if we leave before the Iraqi government can protect the civilian population.

  20. Iknow: If they would have me, I would go in a heartbeat. But, inasmuch as I will be 72 on my next birthday, I really doubt that they would have me. Besides, I was in the Navy from the summer of 1953 throught the fall of 1959. I went in at thee tail end of the Korean War, but spent most of my time on the Glacier and the Atka in Antarctica during the Geophysical Year explorations.

    I might ask you the same thing – why aren’t you volunteering? Scared???

  21. Tokyo Rose-ie Odonnel what a babe.
    My predection is all Socialist Democrats will Echo TOKYO-ROSE-IE
    Odonnel Soon.

    Ps of course all Socialists on this Blog, Echo Tokyo-Rose-ie odonnel already, and most in the US HOUSE AND US SENATE.
    PLEASE Keep her talking, What a babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    PPS: Network Television just keeps sinking,and sinking, and sinking,and sinking,and sinking “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “”

  22. Scottie –

    Thank you for serving. I respect your sacrifice and efforts for our country. With the information you’ve given, which I didn’t know, I respectfully retract my admittedly antagonistic comment as it relates to your specific case.

    I myself will not volunteer for this war as I do not believe in it, nor do I believe that the commander in chief who is running this operation is competent.

    Which, despite whatever Klaturd is going to say (bring it, sweetheart), is different from cowardice.

  23. Em I suppose to respond to a
    Tokyo Rose-ie odonnel loving, Military, and America Hating,
    F***THE TROOPS hating, SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS? Oh I guess not.

    Ps Call into Victoria next Monday.
    5:00pm – 8:00pm, SurenderCrats

    She loves to talk to SurrenderCrats
    and 9/11 Conspiracy Mental Cases

  24. Heh.

    Bush can’t even win the War on Mr. Peanut.

    “I like peanuts as much as the next guy, but I believe the security of our troops should come before the security of our peanut crop.”

    – President George W. Bush
    March 31 2007

    What a clown.

  25. jm: Get use to the word “VETO”

    I’m proud of President Bush
    for going after “PORK BARREL
    Spending”, Peanuts _ _ _ , YEW SPENDING, etc. The Troops and Winning in Iraq are far more important, then the Democrats
    To bad Republicans didn’t stop acting like Democrats with Pork Barrel Spending prior to 2006, AND President Bush should have showed the Veto pen in 2006 and before.Keep it up Socialists,continue SPENDING,AND PLEASE GO AFTER GUNS
    AND 1/7 of the economy (HEALTH CARE). Show and be proud of your Socialist Communist inner being.

    Ps Nancy Peloski YOU CALM DOWN _ _ _ _ _.

  26. I never understood the vehement opposition to universal health care – do some people not feel that it’s a basic human right that people deserve to have available?

  27. When President Bush made his statement about the security of the peanut crop, do you suppose he might have been making an oblique remark aimed at the country’s most famous (or infamous, if you will) peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter? If he was, then more power to him.

  28. iknowhowtospell said…
    I never understood the vehement opposition to universal health care – do some people not feel that it’s a basic human right that people deserve to have available?

    Klatu said: Typical Socialist

    Ps: VICTORIA can you do somthing about this refugee from Taxachusett’s Little Signs.

    Bush _ _ _ _.

    Maybe pull his posts when he puts them on.

  29. Kodiak said:
    Really, then why hasn’t the majority voted to cut off funding for the war?

    Because despite what is the best war strategy (continuing, leaving, changing etc …) it is just WRONG to keep troops there without funding them.
    I have no strong stance on the war (as far as what the strategy should be) but am very much against not providing the troops who are there, with the best support we can.
    It sickens me when people think it is o.k. to sacrifice the welfare of the troops as a political strategy.

    I like Gordon Smith.
    Just the idea that he is willing to step outside the leadership of his Party to do what he feels is right, is a big plus. I despise party politics.
    I would like to see Gordon run as an Independent and declare such BEFORE the primary.

  30. coboble,

    I agree that the troops need the funding and that it is wrong to do a slow bleed. The democrats do want to defund the war they just do not want the responsibility for the fallout that would occur as a result. Instead they hope that the American people and everyone else will hold Bush responsible. The problem with that line of thinking is we are watching and we know Bush wants to win. The democrats seem to be invested heavily in defeat.

    I also think it is wrong to deny the troops already in the field reinforcements that is needed to support the change in tactics.

    The problem your assessment of Smith is the upcoming election. Changing a position now does not have the credibility and impact if it had occurred say in 2005. Instead I believe he read a poll and made his decision, to try and win the multnomah county vote.

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