Imagine if it Were the G-43 Mistaking a Window for the Door

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Red State has an analogy which the MSM would have invoked had this been G-4-3.

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8 thoughts on “Imagine if it Were the G-43 Mistaking a Window for the Door

  1. Ok Ok. I don’t care for Obama or his policies.

    But you know Victoria.. Obama can do no wrong.. he is the messiah from on high.. Of COURSE the press is not going to make a big deal out of this.

    Remember when Bush 43 mistook the door in Asia… ? I think that is the incident you were refering too

  2. I just watched it on You Tube. Fox News reported on it. Undoubtedly, this will not get the same coverage as when President Bush tried to exit the locked door in China.

  3. While silly to make mention of a simple mistake as this, the left spared no ink or air-time to lampoon Bush for simple human mistakes.

    Obama deserves no less.

    Just remember, lefty’s, ya’ll set the tone.

    Still waiting for the 57 states to emerge.

  4. Witchy

    You need to be careful here! If you question Bamm Bamm’s omnipotence or if you take his name in vain, walking through a glass door may be the least of your worries!!

  5. Lew –

    Lew, now no need for such cynicism! Those 57 states are imminent!!

    OB, of course, is making friendly overtures to Iran, Syria, and Iraq without any preconditions (and now the revisionists have promulgated that Bush never really accomplished anything in Iraq?!). I am sure that these three formerly hostile countries will negotiate relatively easy terms for Statehood, assuming they can garner just a few of those TARP II funds.

    Additionally, with the OB/Hillary foreign policy initiative a new era will usher in friendship with all those formerly mis-understood “rogue” governments — Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba and the newly re-incarnated pacifistic Hamas faction controlling the Palestinian State. Only a small additional portion of TARP II funds would be required to accomplish this fait’ a complete.

    Now with OB’s distinguished speaking skills and with the help of that jet setting “BORG Queen” Nancy Pelosi, I am sure he could easily arrive at approval for Statehood for these suitable seven. After all, he is a world citizen and commands the respect and authority of humanity!! Not to mention that he can, in typical Blagojevich fashion, readily obtain the necessary approval of a sufficient number of existing States to ratify approval by simply expending a few additional TARP funds.

    However, OB does literally face one nearly insurmountable hurdle to his “Hope”; he must replace the 49th State of the Union, Alaska, with a friendlier, less hostile, and far more receptive government to stave off that potentially devastating 2012 challenge to his American stability.

    My suspicion is that he can simply enlist the help of Somalia (but perhaps as an alternative he could expend some political capital with an Odinga ruled Kenya, assuming but a few additional US TARP dollars to solidify his cousin’s dictatorship position), suing for peace with the “once” fanatic Islamic radicals likely in exchange for allowing Sharia law, providing plenty of booty for those pesky Somalia pirates, and offering more TARP II funds as an incentive.

    Subsequently, I am sure that Russia and Putin would love to take that potential hot bed of insurrection, Alaska off our hands, even with all that potentially polluting fossil fuel. OB the great negotiator will just throw in some of those TARP II funds to sweeten the deal!!

    Just think with all the potential liability of those fossil fuel pollutants, selling Alaska back to the Russians for say a Billion dollars will result in an explicit gain of approximately $990million . Additonally, to add to that gain, just imagine the massive amount of attorneys fees the US taxpayer will save!

    Now see how well everything is likely to work out!! OB adds seven States, “pacifies” a hostile world, and gets rid of those pollutants and liability, having only to explain that troubling capital gain.

    But then, the Press will recognize this as the greatest real estate deal since the Louisiana Purchase at the hands of our new immaculate savior!!

    Then his only remaining challenge will be to “heal” the planet and “cleanse” its waters.

    Now, Lew, don’t you feel better!!!!

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