If Sam Adams Were a School Teacher…

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I’ve received a few emails on this theme. This was just the most eloquent:

Dearest Victoria-

Here is the comment I posted to the story in the Tribune about the Milwaukie teacher.

“This bogus story plays to the worst stereotypes of male teachers…That they cannot be trusted around children.

Oh wait, correction, around female children.

He should have been fooling around with boys, he’d be mayor of Milwaukie now instead of in jail.

How is this guy any different than our Mayor?

One gets to be mayor, the other gets jail?

That doesn’t make any sense. Either throw Sam Adams in jail or set this man free.

That is, of course, unless you have a double standard that says gays can abuse children but heterosexuals cannot.”

I phoned every commissioner this morning and asked them if they’d be issuing a statement of solidarity with the jailed teacher or if they thought it was okay that he was in jail for making the same “mistake” that Sam made. I was actually hung up on by Saltzman’s lackey.

I reminded them of the “soft bigotry of low expectations” they were displaying towards gays. It is in fact bigoted to expect and condone bad behavior by gays. They didn’t like being called bigots.

Yours as Always,


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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

6 thoughts on “If Sam Adams Were a School Teacher…

  1. May I ask why it is taking the State Attorney General so long to give the people of Portland a report on the investigation?

    Its obvious that Sam Adams is not going to take the Moral High Ground on this..

    Someone on this blog once commented to me that “we hired” him to do his job.. I replied that we elected him.. Either way.. he Lied on his application.

  2. If Lou Beres was a gay man, you bigots would have been after him. The fact he was a conservative kkkristian, nothing but crickets.

  3. Yes, Me. If he was a gay man, we’d be after him for abusing a child. If he was a straight man, we’d be after him for abusing a child. If he was a man who was once a woman, we’d be after him for abusing a child. Heck, if he abused a child in any way, we’d be after him. It’s only liberals who condone bad and sometimes illegal behavior as long as the person is their ideaological ally. Thus, conservatives want consistency: if Sam Adams gets off the hook, why shouldn’t this teacher who did something similar?

  4. Just a random thought, Lew — Do you suppose that MiniMe is jealous of Tram Scam Sam’s activities with boy friend Beau? Sure sounds like it to me.

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