Hillary’s Cleavage

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The Harlot has shown her cleavage before. Here’s a screen shot from 2006.

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://www.victoriataft.com

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24 thoughts on “Hillary’s Cleavage

  1. Hillary and cleavage just don’t seem to mix. Wonder why she dropped her Chairman Mao suits?

    Is her thighness attempting to become more *gasp* feminine?

  2. lewwaters, you might think it is ok to insult women and act sexist. But it is wrong whether it is a liberal or conservative doing it. Remember, females will vote in 2008

  3. Camryn, I do not insult women, just power hungry slugs like Hillary Clinton.

    I’m amazed that actually look upon Hillary as a woman.

    And again I’ll ask, just how many names do you need to post under?

    As for insulting women, apparently you are one of those that totally ignored Condoleeza Rice being steadily attacked.

    Mighty strange how some pick and choose to feign offense.

    Better luck next time, son.

  4. Billary Klinton: What a Fraud.
    My Late father use to say this about Billary from 1993-2000. He was right. Camryn your a Socialist Feminist Fraud Just Like Billary. Lew Waters is right on Target Socialist Camryn.Using your own words Feminist Socialist Camryn I “THINK” so much better now.

    Ps: Socialist Camryn, America needs more, Capitolist, free market, woman in power such as Elizebeth Dole, Kay Baily Hutchison, Victoria Taft, and less Socialists like Billary and You Camryn.

  5. LOL, leftwingedwacko. Still trying, huh? We all know who really is the same person registering new names and posting as several people.

    A simple check of blogs and profiles shows we aren’t the same.

    Camryn (and whoever else you are), if you feel insulted, I reiterate, your feigned offense is laughable considering the silence from the Socialist left when Condi was under attack. The silence of the left on the War on Terror bringing equal rights to Iraqi and Afghani women while the left adamantly opposes giving them equal rights is deafening.

    I guess the stoning to death of a 14 year old girl because she was raped is much less important than getting a Neocom like Hitlery into office so she and her minions can continue dragging the country into the shadow of the failed Soviet Union the left desires.

  6. BTW, if you think Saint Hitlery is so great, instead of feiging offense, why not just tell us of al the good things she has done and why she merits a trip to the Oval Office. Does she plan on having male interns at her disposal? Or, will females do her as well as they did her husband?

  7. Rightwingwacko said…
    Camryn, save your breath, lew, scottiebill and klatu are all the same person.

    31 July, 2007 22:05

    Klatu said: Yea LOL

    Ps: Lew, I think your right, Rightwingwacko is somebody posting under numerous names. Rightwingwacko, Speaking about the same person. LOL

    PPS: Billary is a Dangerous FRAUD.
    Just ask the late “VINCE FOSTER”.
    Now where’s that VHS copy of “THE Clinton Cronicles”.

  8. I am a Republican and former Bush supporter. I am not interested in Hillary Clinton’s candidacy because she is a woman, because she is the best qualified to be president, or that she would actually be a good president.

    I support her candidacy because it drives the right wing crazy. The postings on this blog are clear and convincing evidence. The coming election will be fun.

  9. leftwingedwacko, whatever you are smoking, shouldn’t you passing it around, son?

    Since you support Saint Hitlery and say she would be a good president, maybe you can list her accomplishments for all to see just why she would be great president. Your alter ego can’t seem to find them to list.

  10. Time for a you to do a little remedial reading lew. Then re-read the post. How do you define the word “not”?

    You are so busy putting words into people’s mouths, that you don’t bother to read what they say.

    Has this administration dumbed you down also?

  11. Hey, lew, ALL of the conservative hosts, pundits, and activists have invited ANY liberal to boast about hillary, and nobody has been able to name anything the “pantload” from New York has actually done. No surprise, there.

  12. Why do you think I asked, Bear 😉

    Next, I’d like any of them to list all the great things done by Barack Obama in his single and patial first term.

    Even Saint Hitlery says he is “naive”

  13. I am not a Hillary supporter. I think the only thing positive about her is that she could beat any one of the Republican candidates. Of course, so can most of the other Democratic candidates.

  14. iago, while the lamestream media has Saint Hitlery so popular, she must be afraid of some as she sees no problem in attacking them. Even members of her own party.

    If more people heard what Duncan Hunter stands for, Clinton is done.

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Why do you think the Dmeocrat led Congresses approval rating is the lowest its ever been, even lower than Bush’s?

  15. Sorry, iago, as a ‘fat cat Republican,’ I don’t have any money to bet on anyone. My taxes are too high to pay for those entitlement programs I don’t like.

  16. I find it funny that “camryn” claims to be “insulted” by scottiebill’s comment. Sexist? He clearly wasn’t talking about women, he said, “Hillary and “femininity”, to me, is a classic oxymoron…” He was talking about Hillary, not you, smart one

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