Here come even more letters to our elected officials: OPERATION ID MAKES IMPACT

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Approximately 170-200 people showed up to protest the state of Oregon’s cavalier, law breaking attitude about illegal immigration on Friday. Catch the Statesman Journal’s piece here. And hundreds of thousands of people march in favor of illegal immigrants staying in the US with impunity. Imagine, hundreds of thousands of people marching in favor of breaking the law. See the amazing numbers and what political winds are blowing in this story on the rise Aztlan.

The crowd gets ready for the rally!

State Rep Kim Thatcher speaks to the rally!

No, thank YOU for coming and sending in your Operation ID letters!

Governor’s candidate Kevin Mannix makes a dandy of a speech!

Governor Kulongoski is now in possession of your Operation ID letters and Secretary of State Bradbury has copies of some of them. Now, will they do their jobs, listen to their constituents (the legal ones) and stop looking the other way as people who broke the law to come to this country get driver’s licenses, state welfare benefits, and voting rights?
Your letters started it all! Voter survey on illegal immigration here.

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://

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22 thoughts on “Here come even more letters to our elected officials: OPERATION ID MAKES IMPACT

  1. Victoria, You did a remarkable job in getting out these letters to present to Teddy the K and Guillermo Bradbury. I think, however, that you are in error when you say that these two will read them. I believe that they will scan a couple to get the gist of their content, then feed them into their shredders, because they don’t want anything to do with anything that might show them that the people of Oregon are sick and tired of their playing politics with the illegal alien problem.

    Great job in collecting these signatures. It is just too bad that suomynona has a problem with figuring out right from wrong. And, as to the numbers quoted in his blog, he should remember that the big-league pollsters get their figures from a small percentage of the total population and draw their conclusions from those contacts.

    But, that would be thinking too deeply for him.

  2. hey, backwards anon, thousands of legislators, afraid of millions of illegal aliens, governing against the will of hundreds of millions of actual Americans….LOL. The illegals have no say in OUR laws. Go home, or declare an invasion and pay the consequences. The fact that working Americans, who rarely demonstrate against anything, are willing to travel with MISS VICTORIA has a great deal of meaning to us. Beware of actually pissing us off, hermano.

  3. Thanks Victoria for putting together Operation ID. There were some good speakers at the rally. I appreciate the time you have spent working on immigration reform.

  4. Uh oh, those d**n lefties are at it again – boy do they hate America, wanting to give amnesty to illegal’s!

    With the fate of more than 11 million illegal immigrants in the balance, the Senate Judiciary Committee is prepared to work into the night tonight to craft a historic immigration bill that would allow the unlawful workers to earn their way to legal status in the United States, committee chairman Arlen R. Specter said yesterday.

    Oh, wait…

  5. Mrs. Taft, thanks for all you have done. I do realize that it was also the legal voters that helped but you got the ball rolling. Please tell them thank you for me. I am not a resident of Oregon but i am behind what you did 100%. Now, if you could only come up here to Washington state to help us with some of our election problems (like stolen gubenatorial elections).

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