Half of Illegal Aliens from Mexico are on Welfare* UPDATE CIS’s Mark Krikorian on the Show This PM

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From Mark Krikorian at the Center for Immigration Studies:

My center released a new profile of the immigrant population today, focusing on low education levels and consequent high rates of poverty, lack of insurance, and use of government services. …But one statistic that seems to me should have garnered more attention is that among Mexican immigrant households — by far the largest immigrant group — half are on welfare. This isn’t because they’re plotting to rip us off, but because they’re 19th century workers in a 21st century economy, and simply don’t have the tools to support themselves.

The result is government-subsidized immigration, with taxpayers footing the bill for all this “cheap” labor.

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6 thoughts on “Half of Illegal Aliens from Mexico are on Welfare* UPDATE CIS’s Mark Krikorian on the Show This PM

  1. Is that in the entire US or just in Oregon? And I ask yet again, who hires the illegals? If there are no jobs here to hire them, would they still come? And how do citizens that are not documented get money from the government, there must be some identification process. I honestly dont know much about this stuff. But I am concerned my money is going into some persons pocket that came in the country in the dashboard of a car and sends most of the money back to Mexico. The other thing I read is that one part says its Mexican immigrant households on welfare and the title says half of Illegal Aliens from Mexico, which is it. There is such a thing as Legal Immigration. Thats how the Saudis got into the country that flew planes into the WTCs.

  2. I think we should eliminate welfare, and go back to poor farms, and make people work for their food.

    I would not give money to people who are not capable of earning it.
    In too many cases those who do not have the skills to earn money don’t have the ability to spend it wisely either.

    But I have to ask the same question asked by cnskate.

    Is it immigrant or illegal immigrant that the statistic applies to.

  3. No Eileen Coboble won’t be “BURNED AT THE STAKE” just some good “WATER BOARDING” will do.
    Yea Democrats and Welfare,just keeping there voters comfortable in there POVERTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY like usual, and hey illegals, don’t ever try to move up the ladder,Socialist Dems will pull you right back down. Time for some more Welfare reform.

  4. you are correct! if an illegal has children born here they qualify for every benefit under the sun wic, food stamps, welfare, medicaid every illegal with a child is on medicaid thats the reason we have to stop automatic citizenship! our own government is harboring and abetting illegal alliens wake up america!

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