Group: Portland is Central American illegal alien drop.

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Numbers USA reports Portland area will be site for illegal aliens brought from Central America.

Numbers USA map of illegal alien relocation centers
Numbers USA map of illegal alien relocation centers

The Central American illegal alien story now centers on Portland, Oregon. After watching the drama play out in Southern California where I currently live, I’m not at all surprised Portland is a target for relocation. Portland is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and caters to populations of non citizens from special health centers to illegal alien day labor centers. 

Illegal aliens are brought to San Diego. Now they're being dropped in Portland.
Illegal aliens are brought to San Diego. Now they’re being dropped in Portland.


A Portland area concerned citizen contacted pro legal immigration group Numbers USA to verify its reports were true. The group sent him the locations where the illegal aliens will be processed provided by a US Senator whom they didn’t name. He passed it along to me. 

The information was given to us by a staff member of a US Senator.  I will ask my supervisor if I can disclose to you, but here are all the locations that HHS reported to this Senator in the Portland area:

Morrison Foster  
Portland , OR 97220

Morrison Shelter 
Portland , OR 97266

Morrison Staff Secure (Morrison Paso) 
Portland , OR 97266

Morrison Secure (Morrison Senderos) 
Portland , OR 97213

Citizens of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala have been sending their children north via Mexican drug cartels after the Obama Administration telegraphed to them the children would be given permission to stay. The law enforcement group EPIC confirmed the children were told they would be permitted to stay as the reason for traveling north, punching holes in the Obama Administration story that the children came to flee violence. The inanity of of paying violent gangs to bring their children north to escape violent gangs at home would seem to fly in the face of the narrative proffered by administration officials. 

Some citizens have expressed shock the Feds would send children to Portland without giving them fair warning considering the health problems so many of the people have brought with them. 

Protests are planned nationwide Friday and Saturday objecting to the Obama Administration’s open borders policies. Portland, Salem and Eugene activists are planning the protests via Facebook. 

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22 thoughts on “Group: Portland is Central American illegal alien drop.

  1. I would like to know if a protest is schedule and if it is when, time and place. The only way we can stop this is to show up and let our views known.

  2. Only 20% of this recent surge are children! People of Oregon better start getting rid of politicians who care more about pandering than protecting this state. The SAME gangs/cartels who these aliens pretend to be running from are the same ones they HIRED at $3,000 to $5,000 each to smuggle them here. They come for the handouts, and Oregon is one of 4 official sanctuary states. This endangers our children…here ABC talks about the diseases…

  3. I’m the concerned citizen. 🙂 Thanks Victoria!

    There is a rally scheduled at 11:00 Friday at the Mexican Consulate in downtown Portland.

  4. We need help identifying these locations! Share them with your friends, see if they ring any bells. Contact Victoria with any updates.

  5. Protests are scheduled throughout Oregon. Friday downtown at the Mexican Consulate 11-4. Join the cause on Facebook: uscitizensfirst

  6. It’s not just Portland, OR. They are dropping them in all over California, and anywhere else they can take them. We can’t help, medicate and home all our own people, but the aliens get all the help FREE, and how much does this cost? Way to go Obama!

  7. The uninvited intervention of the US in the 1950s in Guatemala and other central american countries is at the basis of this problem. Don’t like it? Undo it by making reparations to the Guatemalan people. Don’t like it when people come to your country? Well now you know how it feels. EDUCATE YOURSELF, idiots.
    The US government destroyed these countries and placated its citizens as enemies within one country. Your polarization tactics worked well…. too bad you haven’t figured out that your own country is being divided in the same manner. No wonder you are all scared.
    These kids are here because of what US presidents and other leaders did to their grandparents. Now suck it up.
    You all must know that most people look AT YOU as the monster. These are CHILDREN!
    Shame on you.

      1. Your ignorance is baffling.
        1954 the US inserts itself in Guatemala and overthrows the president “Arbenz”. Nixon was vice president.
        Hand picks a new president to carry out the CIA’s mission to eliminate any potential for socialist or communist reform. None of the US business, but still. They GIVE the presidency to the military. Should have never been this way. The military is now seen as a threat to its own country… as it should, but the US embraces this new regime… because its’ theirs…. It’s become the US puppet.
        A revolution arises. There is a war for 36 years.
        Millions displaced, millions orphaned, but more importantly the country is divided.
        Transgenerational trauma. A sense of insecurity and lack of identity results in poor capacity to thrive and rise. The economy crumbles.
        Meanwhile, the US continues to impose its imperialist, capitalist views like bringing in Walmart, and other “industries” designed only to capitalize on an already depleted country.
        The insecurity, the lack of resources, the demand (by the us for cocaine and other drugs) turns into opportunity (a capitalist principle), and the country (in this case countries) becomes a chaotic place where its every man for himself.
        Countries are Divided, traumatized, polarized, at conflict with themselves– this gives birth to organized crime, poverty, violence exploitation and ultimately a need to get out and find a better place to be. One, maybe, where at least you can be at peace with your loved ones.

        Do a little research.
        The US creates problems overseas, comes home, ignores them, pretends they are not happening and then turns a blind eye.
        Experimenting with prisoners overseas… infecting them with disease…. sterilizing women against their will, outright calling governments communist because they don’t fit with the US capitalist policy and agenda. Give me a break.
        Get out more, read a different paper, talk to people who don’t think like you all the time. There is a huge world out there, and you have been clearly wearing blinders.
        How did YOU get here? Legally? Was there such thing when your ancestors arrived here? Where they brought here to do labor? Chinese? Japanese? Black? Or did they come here to take what wasn’t theirs in the first place? If anyone told you to go home… where would that be? Do you even know? You think THIS is where you came from? This is a land of immigrants. Accept it.

        1. The Monroe Doctrine, heard of it? An anti Walmart screed? Really? And, yes, we hated communists more than strongmen. We were right.

          Where my forebears came from is none of your business, but I do have their documents. You?

          Now, 64 years later, you’d have us believe those children sent by their parents at the beckoning of this horrible president is really the fault of Walmart or …?

          We can do with far fewer blame America firsters.

          You appear to be so dismissive of the intellect of the people of Central America that you believe they do nothing without the consultation of the US. On that point you may be correct. The president called them and they stormed the border in a coordinated attack, if you will, on the sovereignty of the USA.

          You claim to care about sovereignty. I’ll bet you couldn’t care less about ours.

          1. Or, as Andy McCarthy puts it more eloquently, “To the extent the global order has been reasonably orderly for much of the past half-century, it is because American power—when exercised in furtherance of American interests—is a force for good.”

  8. I see your efforts at staying focused on the answer I provided wasn’t very successful for you. A good start though.
    I’ll respond to you… and I will also let you have the last word. You are probably used to that. I will come back though– check in and see what and where the demonstrations will be. Try and give your fans here a proper welcome. I will be greeting the children when they arrive- I may just be able to come say hi to you folks as well.
    1. Monroe Doctrine– yes, thank you for brining that up. Latin America sent a thank you note years ago. Something along the lines of thanks for not letting the Europeans screw us over… and instead letting the “new” europeans on this side screw us over… for a long time. School of the America’s– herd of that? Funded by tax dollars. To this day!
    2. Anit-Walmart Screed. Really? Screed? Look that up. How embarrassing to be corrected in your own language by a non-native speaker. Guaranteed you would never correct me in any languages I speak, and certainly not in YOUR language. Just to be fair, here’s my so called “screed”, which was really just a small example of the policies I’m trying to illustrate… but I think that was lost on you… probably your readers as well,
    “Meanwhile, the US continues to impose its imperialist, capitalist views like bringing in Walmart, and other “industries” designed only to capitalize on an already depleted country.” screeeeeeed……
    3. You are allowed to hate whoever you want, communists included. I don’t hate them… no surprise there. But really, keep your hate in your own, house, no? I mean, I don’t come over to your house and tell you how crappy your religion is… or your music, or anything that has to do with your lifestyle. “We were right”? to what? To hate communism? No argument there. You are right to feel whatever you would like. Arbenz was elected as president. It’s what people wanted. People in ANOTHER country. In this era of plutocracy it may be difficult to remember democracy… but I’m sure you are old enough.
    4. You have the documentation of your ancestors? You mean their green cards? Or did they get here when none of that was really needed? You know, when you’d just come here and take whatever, whoever you want? But you are right, none of my business. Instead, i’ll address what you think is YOUR business…. do I have the documentation of my ancestors? They didn’t live here. You want my documentation… ? That does seem like its none of your business, wouldn’t you say? I’ll just say I have never lived anywhere where I wasn’t supposed to be, and have never feared that I may be in violation of any policies relevant to my status here, there, or anywhere. That just doesn’t hold with me– since you’ve made this your business.
    5. I don’t even know what this means: “Now, 64 years later, you’d have us believe those children sent by their parents at the beckoning of this horrible president is really the fault of Walmart or …?” So I can’t reply.. but you seem to believe that I’m stating that A. these children were sent by their parents B. The parents were persuaded by President Obama to send their kids C. It’s Walmarts Fault.
    This is why I won’t be replying any further. I think what you have done is lost an argument, and you resort to arbitrary, somewhat whimsical interpretation of what I have said.. and suddenly you’re only desperately defending your point. Resorting to those kinds of tactics only results in the end of a conversation, as is the case here, I’m sure after your final comments.
    6. We certainly can do with a lot fewer blamers. In general. I do appreciate that America (really, let’s start calling it what it is, The United States) gets the blame for a lot of things, and often not enough credit. Despite what you may believe, I love this country, just for different reasons than you do. But when you say “we”, I assume you mean Americans, when I say “We” I mean humans. Humans could do with much fewer haters. Home is a good place to start. You live here, right?
    7. I appear to be dismissive of the intellect of Central Americans. I can clarify so you don’t have rely on what may “appear” in order to make an argument. I think many countries in Latin America would like to act without consulting with the US. It’s just that the US has made it its business to be involved in just about everything that takes place there. Also, stating that I’m correct on something that merely “appears” to be my position is just faulty logic, I’m sure you understand that. But it is just like folks like you to twist my words and say that I’m correct about something you have inserted in my dialogue. touche!
    Lastly, sovereignty, is something that really should be operationalized in any kind of political or intellectual dialogue– you’d lose that bet. I very much care about OUR sovereignty– I’m just willing to bet we mean different things, by “sovereignty” and by “ours”.
    So much hate. Get your blood pressure checked.
    Good day!

    1. Got it. You hate America. Do you live here? If so, do yourself a favor and get out. Seems simple enough. See if another country gives you a green card, Sparky.

  9. Or, as Andy McCarthy puts it more eloquently, “To the extent the global order has been reasonably orderly for much of the past half-century, it is because American power—when exercised in furtherance of American interests—is a force for good.”
    In reply to this, I’d just say, that “THANKS” is the only thing Latin Americans should be saying to the US, for the exertion of its power, and for the CIA, for the School of the Americas, for the United Fruit Company, for furthering its interests in lands not of their own….. like Portlanders should be thanking the immigrant children for the jobs that have been created (YEAH! GOVERNMENT JOBS! Great benefits!), for the new allocation of funds to address a humanitarian crisis, for finally bringing this problem to light, even though Oregon has had contracts with the Fed Gov FOR YEARS to resettle newcomers… but yeah. Thanks KIDS!

    1. I would never assert the US is without blame in meddling in others’ affairs. I agree past is prologue, but what recent events are we responsible for that would cause this flow to the border? The drug cartels? Hardly.

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