Gov’t Docs: ACORN Would Help *Count* People in 2010 Census

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Judicial Watch does it again! Here’s the official release by JW here which contains all the document links outing these guys. Note that the Commerce department “doesn’t know” when ACORN came on board (note to Gary Locke, dude, it happened when you were being flattered into the job that had been abandoned by two others). Note also that the Obama administration dismissed as absurd the notion that ACORN would be actually counting people. Well, that claim can be filed under hokum

In its official statement responding to the ACORN controversy, the Obama Commerce Department downplayed ACORN’s participation in the Census, and labeled “baseless” the notion that ACORN would be involved in any Census count. However, the Census Bureau offered ACORN the opportunity to “recruit Census workers” who would participate in the count. Moreover, as an “executive level” partner, ACORN has the ability to “organize and/or serve as a member on a Complete Count Committee,” which, according to Census documents, helps “develop and implement locally based outreach and recruitment campaigns.”

According to its application ACORN also signed up to: “Encourage employees and constituents to complete and mail their questionnaire; identify job candidates and/or distribute and display recruiting materials; appoint a liaison to work with the Census Bureau; provide space for Be Counted sites and/or Questionnaire Assistance Centers; sponsor community events to promote participation in the 2010 Census,” among 18 requested areas of responsibility.

  • Members of the Census Bureau and Department of Commerce staff assigned to organize the 2010 Census were unaware of when the decision to involve ACORN was made, how the Census Bureau choose and defined partners, or whether partners received payment.

  • The Census Bureau did not conduct background checks on the 3.7 million people hired to conduct the 2000 Census, unless a preliminary name check provided a match. Overall, 8% of the applicants, or over 300,000 people, were considered risks for hire.

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6 thoughts on “Gov’t Docs: ACORN Would Help *Count* People in 2010 Census

  1. Anyone coming to the door ostensibly for the Census- taking process will have to show me proper credentials from the U.S. Census Bureau and will have to prove to me that he or she is not a member of ACORN. Otherwise, they will be run off my property just as quickly as if they were a Jehovah’s Witness.

  2. I wil answer the basic survey. That is Constitutional…

    I once got in trouble for answering the Race Section in the 2000 Census… I am white.. but I refuse to answer that question readily.. so I marked other down and put in Human. I got a dirty phone call from the census office and had to talk to my commanding officer.. he thought it was funny.. so I did not get in trouble with the USAF over it.

  3. Abel – Me, Take a f***** HIKE.

    After Listening to Tom Fenton “President of Judicial Watch” today on Glen Beck’s TV show, he said to be very cautious with Census workers. Ask for ID and be aware that some of these ACORN workers masquerading as Census workers may not count you in the census if they don’t like you or the way you answer their questions and they may try to count some people they do like many times. Sounds familiar like voting AAAAAA. There was more, go to Judicial Watches website.

    PS: Kitanis what in hell was your commanding officer doing with private info like the Census at all. It’s Private. I suppose he knew how you voted in 2000. I could just see my Boss asking that question to me. I would explode. Course you were in the Military but still.

    PPS: And Kitanis I answered the same question “AMERICAN” and I’ll do it again.

    PPPS: If there is any hanky Panky from the census person FOLKS get in touch with the nearest Republican Congressman, I guess REP. GREG WALDON in Oregon and report it and the person, and by the way write the census Persons name down on Paper and other info about (him-her).

  4. “Report it to the nearest Republican Congressman?” Are there any left? Oh, Greg Walden Is Congressman Walden still calling himself a Republican? Kind of funny. Like he really has any power in Congress to do anything other than whine.

  5. Can Democrats do anything other than try and project all their racism and communistic bullying ways onto the republican party?

    There are 178 Republican Congressmen. Are you still calling yourself a Democrat? Come out of the closet and admit you are a die hard Commie. Communism and Socialism do not work, not for any nation. They are neither constructive nor productive.

    You are prime example.

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