Government’s "Tiffany" Spending While We’re Stuck With a Plastic Ring

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Hey, America, this is what the Democrats are spending your money on while you’re struggling with a now revised 9.8% unemployment rate (17% if you count the underemployed and those who have given up). They’ve got Tiffany taste while we’re on a plastic ring budget. Redistributing the wealth from we “rich” folks, stops us from hiring, buying, and servicing stuff we have. Since consumer spending is what kick starts this economy, doesn’t it stand to reason that “allowing” us to keep more of our own money so we can spend it as we wish would be helpful?
Remember: Democrats perceive government as their own personal charity.
Senator Jim DeMint sent out a laundry list of this spending the Congress (lead by the Democrats) has done since January. Read it and WEEP.

  • $350 billion Wall Street bailout extension (#5)
  • $787 billion stimulus (#64)
  • $400 billion, earmark-infested omnibus spending bill (#96)
  • $6 billion to federalize charities and pay volunteers (#115)
  • $109 billion loan to the International Monetary Fund (#201)
  • $3 billion for cash for clunkers (#270)
  • $400 million in corporate welfare to help tourism corporations advertise overseas (#272)
  • $4 billion bailout of the Postal Service (#300)

Read Sen. DeMint’s op-ed (“Washington politicians’ most titanic lie”) that appeared this week in the Washington Examiner.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.