GOP HQ in AZ Hit With ‘Primary John McCain’ Posters Over Issue of Open Primary/Closed Meetings

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Artists Hit the HQ on North 24th Street in Phoenix After GOP Chair Shuts Doors to Precinct Committee Persons Who Call for a Closed GOP Primary. Effort is seen to help McCain.

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‘Eject’ not elect.


John McCain’s battle with the GOP right flank is heating up over the issue of closing the Arizona primary to anyone but registered GOP voters. An executive meeting in Phoenix today has been closed to even GOP Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs).

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McCain says he wants a ‘big tent’ in the primaries, but the conservatives in the party believe the long time senator is too liberal and want a choice in the primary election.

The Arizona Republic reports the group of McCain detractors believe the Senator wants the open primary to dilute the impact of conservatives:

The bad blood between McCain and many members of the Republican Party’s right wing is legendary. In January 2014, the state GOP formally censured him as too liberal on issues such as immigration reform. Many of McCain’s critics support the push to close the primary, with the suggestion being that the closer-to-center McCain benefits from the independents voting in the Republican primary.

How much a closed GOP primary would hurt McCain is unclear. In 2008, McCain, the eventual GOP White House nominee, was able to effortlessly win Arizona’s Republican-only presidential preference election, or primary.

A group called ‘End the Reign of John McCain’ is behind the effort to close the primary.

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Odd, party leaders would close a meeting to discuss the open primary.

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7 thoughts on “GOP HQ in AZ Hit With ‘Primary John McCain’ Posters Over Issue of Open Primary/Closed Meetings

  1. Way to go Maricopa County GOP…we need to stick together like glue this coming year and in 2016. Get your ducks in order and stop with your personal agendas.

  2. MCcain represents the people giving in to him the most. He sits in the middle and waits to see what he will belive this week It worked for a quarter century. Throw the people of Arizona under the Golden Bus. We have made him rich and powerful. He has used that very power to couse us harm, like a dog who bites it’s ownters arm at feeding time. It is time to call the city pound. There is no more love betwen us, time for him to retire! At least harry reid tried to go out with some dignity!

    1. Well, technically his wife made him rich, but his longstanding public service made him powerful. I don’t agree sometimes with the Senator, but I will never question his devotion to our country. After six years of this President, I’m sure people will agree how important that is.

  3. Victoria, Sadly McCain is one of the most corrupt in CONgress, so his devotion to OUR country is to suck it for all it’s worth.

    Don’t be a blind party voter. McCain is what’s wrong with the USA (and yes, he’s almost as bad as Owebama) and we need to clean up CONgress. He HAS to go, to the extent of even voting Dem to get him out of where he is doing the damage.

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