Goodbye Schumachers. You Were a Good Citizen for 112 Years.

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The legal fight goes on, however. Click on image to go help their legal defense fund.

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye Schumachers. You Were a Good Citizen for 112 Years.

  1. Like I said before, more businesses should pack up and leave Portland and their leftist agenda in the dust. Let the tree huggers and other protesters start making up the difference lost in taxes to the city from honest businesses forced to close and leave.

    Who will these morons go after next, restuarants?

  2. These Socialists HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    Private Business. There’s no difference between Hugo Chavez taking over TV STATIONS in Venezuela, Portland Communists Kicking out Schumachers, or BILLARY Klinton trying to take over 1/7th of the economy in 1994, SOCIALIZED COMMUNIST HEALTH CARE. Yea Leaving is one way of hurting them, but another is to make damm sure that FEDERAL FUNDS DON’T GO TO COMMUNIST URBAN CITIES. CUT EM OFF, LIKE MOST COLLEGES SHOULD BE CUT OFF, and PBS, NPR. Cut Em offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff From the Public Trough

  3. Victoria: After watching the Video with the Portland Police officers just standing there smiling (looking like there enjoying what the Communists are doing) I would hope that the Schumachers law suit be done in a Red area of the USA.
    The 9th “CIRCUS” court would be smiling just like these supposed PORTLAND POLICE OFFICERS. Yes I can see this spreading to other Industries.

    Like i’ve said before, the City of Schumacher and the Schumacher Trail Blazers is possible.

  4. Victoria,
    After having reviewed the videos on Schumacher’s website, I must say that I am simply appalled! It really disturbs me that the City of Portland and their police force allows this kind of public behavior and harassment to continue for months on end. This is another example of Potter’s incompetence as well as the city council.

    I live in Dallas and work in Hillsboro. Believe me, I have spent my last dollar in Portland!

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