Gifts & Protocol Gaffes

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By now, the entire world knows that pres__ent Obama has flubbed protocol in dealing with our good friends, the British. He showed a total lack of class by giving the British PM 25 DVD’s that won’t even play in England!

Now, he further embarrasses America with his latest trip to Great Britain and his exchange of gifts with their Queen Elizabeth. One is left to wonder just who he has in the Office of Protocol as I’m sure his adolescent daughters could conceive of more fitting gifts to give foreign dignitaries.

Obama’s latest ‘cock-up’ consists of presenting the Queen of England with a video iPod uploaded with,

· Photos from the Queen’s 2007 White House State Visit
· Photos from the Queen’s 2007 Jamestown, Va., Visit
· Photos from the Queen’s 2007 Richmond, Va., Visit
· Video from the Queen’s 1957 Jamestown Visit
· Video from the Queen’s 2007 Jamestown Visit
· Video from the Queen’s 2007 Richmond Visit
· Photos from President Obama’s Inauguration
· Audio of then-state senator Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and
· Audio of President Obama 2009 Inauguration Address

Additionally, the Queen was presented with a signed songbook, supposedly “rare” by Richard Rogers. It should also be noted that the Queen has had her own iPod for the last 4 years.

In return, the Obama’s received from Her Majesty “a silver-framed, signed photograph of themselves,” apparently a standard present for visiting dignitaries. Was the Queen prepared for a substandard gift? Or, perhaps was she returning the sub-par gift giving that he gave PM Brown? We may never know.

Contrast this with the president mast hated in modern history and who for 8 years endured false accusations of low I.Q., unable to speak properly and who character and style was almost daily assaulted.

In May 2007, towards the end of his administration, President and Mrs. Bush presented the Queen of England with a bronze statuette “High Desert Princess” with a personal inscription on the bottom of the base, a replica of the original statue located at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Ft. Worth, Texas.

They gave Prince Philip an “exclusive sterling silver eagle box by Tiffany & Co. with personal inscription on the inside lid.” They also presented the Royal Couple with a “leather presentation box filled with a collection of documents from the National Archives, including a copy of an original letter from President Roosevelt to her father, King George, written in 1938 and photos from previous royal visits along with a DVD of the footage from the Queen’s visit to the United States when she was Princess Elizabeth in 1951.”

In exchange, the Royal Couple presented President Bush with a sterling silver oversized plate by William & Son with gold seals including the Presidential seal, the Royal seal and a center seal with the star of Texas surrounded by roses and a personal inscription on the back of the plate. They presented Mrs. Bush a gold and crystal clock with the Royal seal by William & Son.

To our British friends I can only say, “Please forgive us. We all make mistakes and this one will surely be corrected in 2012.”

UPDATE: As the video below shows, the Obama’s committed yet another gaffe in protocol by his not bowing before he Queen and she forgetting to curtsey, as is European tradition.

In another protocol gaffe, Obama did bow before the King of Saudi Arabia, a sign of the Monarch’s power over their subjects.

If the photo of Obama bowing isn’t clear enough or if liberals feel it wasn’t actually a bow, video of the bowing can be seen here

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18 thoughts on “Gifts & Protocol Gaffes

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I was almost beginning to like this guy. Now I have a reason not to. Social gaffs are not cool, Obama made social gaffs so he is not cool too. Think you so much and keep up the good work.

  2. Victoria: I doubt if you are interested in limiting the spread of ODS. But if you are, you might start with quarantining Lew. He has got it bad.

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Rhubbie, you’re cute when you try to turn the tables.

    So, can you show where homey did not commit the gaffes I showed in this post?

    That’s what OBS would have someone do, invent things to complain about.

    Just as you all continually did for 8 years with your BDS.

    Funnier still is how you always try to copy us.

    Then again, liberals have no originality any way.

  4. Hey Obama had to give the Monarch proof that he can speak. Not like our idiot former Repubicant President George W. Chimp who couldn’t string two sentances together. Surprised you loonies over her would be concerned about a monarch. You clowns are a throw back to the 1500’s so maybe not.

  5. Wacko

    Do you suppose that the Big O will need to rely on a teleprompter for instructions on how to give Merkel a back rub?

    Or perhaps he can just consult with former President Clinton on massage techiniques. Oh sorry, that’s right William J wasn’t into rubbing women’s backs!

  6. I still wonder about that deep bow to the King of Saudi Arabia.

    While all claim he has no Muslim beliefs, I do find it strange that it is the Muslim King he feels the need to subjugate himself before.

    Obama’s continued slight of Britain makes more sense when considering that is was England’s Winston Churchill, who’s bust B HO sent back to England shortly after seizing office, who, during his second premiership, suppressed the Kenyan Mau Mau rebellion, and that one Hussein Onyango Obama was allegedly tortured by the colonial regime. Hussein Onyango Obama also happens to be the Bama’s Kenyan grandfather.

    UK Telegraph

    I guess that also shows us where his allegiance truly lies.

  7. A silver tongue does not intelligence indicate as many Democrats have so vividly proven. And it is your kind, mini-Me, who are throwbacks to the age of the all-powerful people at the top telling the little people how they are allowed to live. Conservatives advocate letting the common people manage themselves while liberals want to hogtie them with laws to make sure they do the “right thing”–as long as the government gets to decide what is right.

  8. Lew

    An IPOD with his speeches.

    How do you spell egomaniac?

    O B A M A

    Yet the big O does seem to have something in common with Portland’s mayor —
    “It’s all about Me”.

  9. Keith –

    “And it is your kind, mini-Me, who are throwbacks to the age of the all-powerful people…”

    MiniMe — “Throwbacks” and “All powerful”

    Throwback definitely!! All powerful —– Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

    Keith, thanks for your humor and a great end to the day!! 🙂

  10. You’re welcome, Pete, but your placement of ellipses leaves the impression that you ignored what I was accusing Me of to find the humor in it.

  11. Keith

    Sorry, perhaps my quote didn’t give your assertion of elitism full credit. I just find it hard to take MiniMe seriously.

  12. I don’t take him seriously at all. He’s just a convenient pivot to use when criticizing liberal ideaology and exposing the dishonestly of their criticisms of conservatives.

  13. uhhh,

    I think that you want Obama to be an embarrassment, so you look hard to find that angle.

    The world is not seeing this from the same angle you are, not even close.
    I listened to several views on this, on multiple news channels.

  14. Motives are useful things to consider, Eileen, but they don’t affect the legitimacy of a viewpoint. Naturally, I wish to see Obama’s attempts to remake certain sectors of the economy fail miserably and I want to see this failure bring him down. However, while these motives can easily explain why I fixate on a certain incident, it doesn’t affect the facts of that incident. The fact is that Obama flubbed several points of protocol in multiple meetings with heads of state and heads of government which shows an embaressing ineptitude of his staff–and, frankly, himself since he apparently didn’t bother himself to research it on his lonesome. Reporters had a field day babbling about how Bush couldn’t name more than one head of state of the four countries mentioned to him but you don’t see much ink talking about how he badly screwed up protocol when meeting with these heads of state. Does this mean that Obama is LESS capable than Bush? Perhaps, perhaps not… but it’s not an illegitimate question to ask.

  15. Eileen, how many of your several news channels were of the mainstream news that have continually given the Bama a pass on everything, after castigating and ridiculing BUsh at every move?

    Is it objective to listen to several when it is known they all strongly favor the Bama?

    Like Keith said, what channel do you imagine would make no mention had Bush bowed before the Saudi King, after slighting the Queen of England and her husband?

  16. I think that you want Obama to be an embarrassment, so you look hard to find that angle.

    I am embarrassed. You don’t give the queen of England and ipod. What a dunce. Who picked it out? Shasha? That would be only way it makes sense.

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