Full Frontal Rude-ity: Oregon’s Naked Man Problem

“Pedal-phile” Not Busted

Oregon’s selective enforcement of its naked man rules is on display for all to see once again. This week a man was arrested for washing his man parts in the Couch Park drinking fountain. See humorous post about that here. 

Busted for Indecency

The serious concern that remains, however, is why one was busted but the other was not.

The problem of course is that in Portland Sam Adams is Mayor and Police Commissioner and will not authorize the police to enforce the law. Until Mr. Ball Washer happened by at least.

Adams is the man who groomed a 17 year old teenager for sex and then, the second he turned 18—even traveling to his birthday party to make sure he was legal– spent  a weekend’s tryst with him. Somewhere along the line he jumped the boy in the City Hall bathroom. With him setting the standards, you can see why the enforcement is a just a wee bit fuzzy. You can see why we’re in this pickle. Anything goes so long as it keeps Portland weird and bike friendly. Community standards are applied as long as they are as low as you can go.

According to a recent State Supreme Court ruling, fully nude strippers performing sex acts is protected political free speech.

And this is how it’s played out in real life:

A naked man just happens to come out to garden when the children drive by on the school bus. He’s not arrested.

Naked bike riders–for some mostly men, imagine that–parade fully nude during the day time and nighttime and they’re not arrested. In fact they’re given a police escort.

                    A man strips to his altogether to “protest” the TSA at Portland’s Airport. He won his case.

A homeless guy who washes his man parts in the fountain is arrested. 

I think none of them should be able to do that. How about using decency as a community standard?

Don’t believe me? See for yourself. None of the following videos is safe for work:

WNBR 2012 – Portland Sunny Ride — Part 2 from Michael Buchino on Vimeo.

WNBR 2012 – Portland Sunny Ride — Part 1 from Michael Buchino on Vimeo.

WNBR 2012 – Portland Night Ride from Michael Buchino on Vimeo.

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