Full Court Press to Kill HB 2800 PLUS Anti Columbia River Crossing Commercial Revealed

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crc In THIS commercial, former State Reps Katie Eyre and Jefferson Smith tell you the essential FLAWS of the proposed  I-5 bridge aka the Columbia River Crossing. 


1. It’s too expensive. They call it ‘a billion dollar boondoggle.’ That’s an understatement. According to economist Joe Cortright (a reliable lefty), the project will cost upwards of $10 billion.bridge called the Columbia River Crossing. The left hates the bridge because the left hates cars and loves fish more than people. The right hates it because it’s fiscally unsustainable. Herewith are your CRC Talking Points:

2. It’s not high enough. Some businesses which have  been on the river forever will not be able to bring their goods down river. Why? The bridge isn’t high enough. Why would they dare build it too low? To accommodate light rail which Clark County residents have made abundantly clear they don’t want.

3. Tolling. People aren’t afraid to pay their way. They’re afraid to pay for stuff they don’t need like a too low bridge with light rail run by a public agency which is going broke. Tolling on the new bridge won’t be enough to cover costs.They’ll have to toll the I-205 Sam Jackson Bridge to help bridge the fiscal gap.

4. Squeezed. The Columbia needs a third bridge in the Metro area, preferably going to Columbia County and leading to Washington County. The planners don’t want that because there will be MORE choice for travelers. Planners plan for light rail and high density housing. Giving people the ability to travel from one bucolic place with a back yard for their kids to play in, to another bucolic burb where they work is anathema to the planner class. They want control over where you travel and want to stick you with the bill for their poor choices.

As I pointed out last night on the facebook page (please ‘like’ it!)  here, AFP is calling for a full court press against HB 2800, The CRC bill. They’re urging a call to all of these lawmakers:
Please call every Senator listed below RIGHT NOW!

Co-Chair Senator Bruce Starr 503-986-1715

Senator Herman Baertschiger 503-986-1702

Senator Brian Boquist 503-986-1712

Senator Betsy Close 503-986-1708

Senator Ted Ferrioli 503-986-1950

Senator Larry George 503-986-1713

Senator Fred Girod 503-986-1709

Senator Bill Hansell 503-986-1729

Senator Tim Knopp 503-986-1727

Senator Jeff Kruse 503-986-1701

Senator Alan Olsen 503-986-1720

Senator Chuck Thomsen 503-986-1726

Senator Dou Whitsett 503-986-1728

Senator Jackie Winters 503-986-1710




Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

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  1. CRC, I cannot believe they aren’t wise enough to just go with twelve lanes now from CALIFORNIA to CANADA. The longer they wait, the cost will be many trillions more. As far as the bridge, forget mass transit; twelve lanes, 2 for diamond, 2 for flow-through no city offramps, 8 for commuters, 1 for bikes, 1 for 300 MPH non-stop train PORTLAND TO SEATTLE (cut the airport wait), I grew up in LA and remember they had to mow down 4 rows of houses on each side of I5 by LAX

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