Fort Hood Active shooter response time is 15 MINUTES?

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How Fort Hood’s response time stacks up to cities in the US.

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When Lt General Mark A. Milley revealed the response time of Military Police to the shooter at Fort Hood as 15-20 minute at a news conference last night ,  it was a sit-up-straight-mouth-agape-moment. I wrote about it here last night. 

Fifteen MINUTES for an ACTIVE SHOOTER? Fifteen minutes to stop a man with a gun predating upon our finest and best trained warriors without anyone to stop him? Fifteen? 

Fort Hood, Texas is BIG. It’s a military reservation of about 45,000 people on 335 square miles “deep in the heart of Texas.”  It’s a vast area for MP’s to cover which is just another reason why the trained soldiers who call Fort Hood their temporary home should be able to carry weapons. 

Here’s how that 15-20  response time compares with other cities. When the times have a wide variance because police agencies lump high priority with low priority calls, I give you a range. 

Houston Code 1’s (of which an active shooter surely would be one): 3.5 to 5.5 minutes.

Fort Worth:  5 to 7:55.

Atlanta: An average of 11 minutes and 11 seconds.

Denver: 11 minutes

Tucson: 10.11

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 5:17 (for shootings)

The other salient fact is the average time a perpetrator stays in contact with a victim. The answer to that is about 75 seconds. 

The old saw goes: when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. It’s not their fault. They have to react, prioritize and respond. Until they get there, you’re on your own. And so are our soldiers. It’s a travesty.


Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

2 thoughts on “Fort Hood Active shooter response time is 15 MINUTES?

  1. I saw this afternoon’s press conference and Lt Gen Milley said the entire incident was about 15 minutes long.

    He also said first 911 call came in from two of the wounded at 4:16 with MPs on site in 2-3 minutes. The suspect had already moved to a second building (perhaps 2-3 blocks away, unsure). One MP responded to the second location where suspect was approached. He initially raised his hands, then reached for his gun and killed himself there.

    So, initial response time appears to be 2-3 minutes from first 911 call and 4-5 minutes from start of shooting.

    If one person with a gun was in the building or nearby they still would have been much quicker than these times.

    1. By your recollection of the newly released timeline, the MP’s got there after the shooter left behind victims and got away in a car and, as I understand it, from the first news conference, continued shooting till he met with the MP with the gun–15-20 minutes later. The General in his first news conference said response time was within 15-20 minutes. He added the “20 minute” time period later in his news conference.

      It was only after the bad guy with the gun met the good gal with the gun and shot himself the attack stopped. Too bad the good guy with the gun could have not have been there from the jump.

      Fort Hood should change its policy. Fool me twice…shame on you, Fort Hood.

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