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Paul Allen sounds like he’ll unload the Blazers.
John Loftus who brought you the Saddam Hussein WMD tapes.
Our friends from the National Group Families United for our troops and their mission.

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4 thoughts on “DON’T MISS TONIGHT’S SHOW

  1. Maybe Paul Allen can buy the U.S.
    Shipping Ports after he unloads
    the Trailblazers. Then again maybe Hillary, Billary, and the AFL-CIO can Buy them since there really the driving force behind the UAE story.

  2. Grrreat guest in Loftus!Wow what a story.

    Here’s the deal on “the DEAL”….I look at the northern border(unguarded), the southern border (porous), a tiny percentage of trucks and containers inspected, no profiling at the airports, no stringency on i.d., no coherent plan to deal with current illegal alien criminals….and the same bureaucrats who brought us all of this reassure me that there is no security issue with an arabic country with a checkered past running large seaport container terminals?!!! Are they out of their minds?? Dump the deal.

  3. The whole Blazer situation reminds me of a teenager who is being rebelious, rude, thinking of only themselves….treating the parents badly.They then turn around, and are sweet as punch because they know that the only way to get what they want is to be that way to their parents. Parents can always see thru that…and so can the fans of the Trailblazers. The only thing positive that I’ve seen in the past 10 years or so, has been the hiring of the new Blazer coach, Nate McMillan. It is so refreshing to see someone not let the players run the team…I just hope that the Blazer Brass will give him the opportunity over the next few years to see the fruits of his labor. But in years past…some of the players have been a embarrassment to Portland. I have a friend in Virginia who always chides me on the fate of the Blazers…his favorite team the past couple of years…the Seattle Sonics. I don’t think that the tax payers should bail out Paul Allen.

  4. Paul Allen is looking to Portland and Oregon for money to pour into the Blazers bottomless pit. The state nor the city have the money to sink into tne Blazers when they have much more important projects to fund, such as the OHSU Disneyland ride, the Portland transit mall, moving I-5 to another location thru the east side, covering I-405, more bike lanes on the major arterials, funding a poet laureate; all the major things.

    The Blazers team reminds me of the old definition of a boat – a big hole in the water that you throw money into. My humble opinion is that Allen should cut his losses with the Blazers and disband the team entirely, sell the Rose Garden to some private investor, and move to Seattle to live with the Seahawks. Disbanding would be best. After all, why shove this bunch of losers on some other unsuspecting city?

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