Delusions of Grandeur: Audacity of Dope*

Obama speech venue:


If you want to be in the presence of Obama, the McCain campaign has some suggested attire here.

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://

6 thoughts on “Delusions of Grandeur: Audacity of Dope*

  1. iknow, would that be the democracy that had the ABC Journalist arrested for taking photos of Democrats and Donors from a public sidewalk?

    Does the First Amendment freedom of the press only apply if a Republican in exposed?

    It seems to me that the Greek Temple backdrop is more of elevating the messiah to the equivalent of a Greek God.

    I wonder if they will have an American Flag flying too?

  2. Lew, I assume this is where I’m supposed to go dig up some links about how other people (peaceful protesters, reporters, or otherwise) were arrested at or kicked out of various RNC events?

    And then I claim “your side” is hypocritical, and then you get more examples to counter mine, and it’s a war to see who can outdo the other?

    Not worth either of our time, Lew.

    I don’t think we know all of the details of this most recent arrest, and until we do, I think you’re probably blowing it out of proportion. Of course, if more info comes out, I’d be happy to reconsider.

    As far as First Amendment freedom of the press only “applying” when “a Republican is exposed”, well … as John Edwards if he agrees. I’m not defending the guy by any means, but you get my point. (I hope.)

  3. Interestingly it has now been shown that George W. Bush, McSame’s daddy used a similar backdrop in ’04. Be careful Lew, you might risk being critical of your own party’s decor.

    As for it being too grand, I think with the stadium, which was cleary full to capacity, and the backdrop it was awesome. McCain would be lucky to fill 1/16th of such a venue. And that would probably be with Repubicants who dispise him.

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