**Crowd Estimate at PDX Tea Party at Pioneer Courthouse Square: 4000-7000!!

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check out more pictures from Q Madp here and Kitanis’ here.

Calling Congress from the Tea Party! We jammed the lines but made it through to this Congressional Rep and had a little fun in the process

People’s Republic of Portland REPRESENT!


After above. Before below:

The Portland Mercury demonstrates its wilful ignorance of the issues and rationale.
They show they don’t do their homework—on purpose. Hey, maybe the dog ate it or something…
And they used the pictures of the crowd before the rally started. He guys, I saw your boy Matt at the square–after 6 when the rally started. Why pictures from between 4:30 and 5:30???

Maybe “anti-tax” isn’t the best way to sum up the patchwork of passionate protesters at today’s Tax Day Teabagging Party in Pioneer Square. The protest issued a come-one-come-all invitation to people upset at the current state of the union, whether they’re mad about the bailout, mad that Obama is a raving socialist in cahoots with the Europeans or just mad about gays. Much of the resulting thousand-person crowd seemed to be straddling that fine far-fringe line between libertarians and anarchists. At one point a large group chanted “U!S!A! U!S!A!” while simultaneously waving signs demanding an end to federal government.



Corvallis REPRESENT!

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6 thoughts on “**Crowd Estimate at PDX Tea Party at Pioneer Courthouse Square: 4000-7000!!

  1. PSJ,

    “This is great, now the Feds. have photos and plate numbers to go with the names. There plan is working brilliantly.”

    Yeah after the Tea Party, the British had names, addresses and a carriage count, as well.

    And William Howe’s later plan worked pretty well too! A frontal assault on Boston’s Breed’s Hill, a failed assault on the Colonist’s flank both resulting in the slaughter of the British troops and a one way ticket to New York!

  2. I love the last photo in this set. LOVE IT!!

    You can’t fix stupid. But you can vote them out.

    History. 2005: Republican President George W. Bush. United State Senate 55 Republicans 45 Democrats. United States House of Representatives 232 Republicans, 202 Democrats.

    Fact. 2009: President Barack Hussein Obama. United States Sentate 59 Democrats, 41 Republicans. United States House of Representatives: 257 Democrats, 178 Republicans.

    SOMEONE just got voted out. You have to go back to the Great Depression, and the elections of 1932, 34, and 36 to find anything close to the overwhelming rejection of any political party that the Republican party has suffered in the last two elections.

    2010? Bring it on. Republican incumbents are abandoning Senate seats in Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio, Kansas, and Missouri. There are very problematic incumbent Republicans in several other seats: Louisiana (DC Madam client David Vitter), Pennsylvania, Kentucky, North Carolina, Arizona. Want to see a Senate with 65 Democrats instead of 59? How about 67? Bring it on.

    Stupid has just been voted out of office.

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