Crickets From the Left: No Reply on Bust of Global Warming Scaremongering

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I will give the Zero credit however for running this piece on one day this week.

Our knowledge of the interplay between atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperature has gone through three stages over the past 20 years. Al Gore correctly points out that early ice-core data gathered from glaciers around the world showed a very strong correlation between carbon dioxide and temperature over 650,000 years. Because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, most of us assumed that it regulated global temperature.

By 1999, improving ice-core techniques produced a stunning reversal, showing that the global temperature changed many centuries before carbon dioxide changed. This proved that natural climate cycles were causing changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide, probably by affecting how much remained dissolved in the oceans.

Using new ice-core evidence, Caillon, et al. (Science, March 2003), concluded that “CO2 is not the forcing that initially drives the climatic system.”

This should have convinced alarmists that their scare was unwarranted. But too many would have been thrown out of work, and too many politicians would have lost a hot-button issue. So they ramped up the alarm, relying on ever-more-contrived theories to explain the ice-core data.

In 2007, their last theoretical bastion crumbled. Climatologists announced that a fundamental signature of greenhouse gases, predicted by all U.N. climate models, is missing. There is no “hot spot” from CO2 -induced warming at tropical latitudes. Satellites and weather balloons show normal temperature profiles. The climate models are fundamentally flawed.

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3 thoughts on “Crickets From the Left: No Reply on Bust of Global Warming Scaremongering

  1. Governor’s Gregoire and Kulongoski should be ashamed of their ignorance. Even though they come to it honestly.

    Worse is Philip Mote. Philip Mote is, in my opinion, approaching criminal negligence in his approach toward fulfilling his mandate to provide the State of Washington with reliable climate advice. Political and academic dishonesty just don’t look good on a resume.

    Grow up a geek, hit your peak with an opinion, and all of a sudden chicks think you’re cool.

    Philip Mote. Sponsored by the State of Washington.

  2. This old saw, that CO2 changes follow changes in temperature, has been understood and addressed by climatologists a couple of decades ago. Educate yourself a little. Start with Coby Beck’s site.

    Funny how this op-ed writer quotes a Science paper, without noting that the journal Science has been on the forefront of warning about anthropogenic global warming, and has published countless articles and editorials about it.

    Talk about cherry-picking. Not to mention intellectual dishonesty.

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