CONFIRMED: The Cult of Light Rail is a Religion

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Don’t believe in God? Believe in Transit Cult
It’s confirmed: TriMet, nee THE PORTLAND LIGHT RAIL COMPANY, is officially a religious cult. They admitted it in a meeting yesterday. 


Let’s go the tote board:
$205 million dollars a mile for a bridge we don’t need for everything but cars, $250 million dollars a mile for the Milwaukie light rail extension the public doesn’t want, cutting back on buses, paying $1.18 for every dollar it pays out in salary, agreeing on a retirement age of 58, and unable to pay its cleaning crews (see post here).
THE PORTLAND LIGHT RAIL COMPANY is running out of public good will and money. But they believe they’ve got some god or another on their side. 
At a meeting of URAC a member of the board was asked why they were building the MLR bridge when Clackamas county may not pay their share, the feds haven’t committed and there is still a $68 million gap with those assumptions.

She said, 
“like a lot things done in Portland we’re moving forward on faith.”
For years the light rail acolytes were called members of the light rail mafia. No more. It’s official: it’s a cult.  


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