Community Organizer Takes Over Auto Industry

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Open Thread Monday.
What do you think about the government taking over the boardroom of the auto execs but not the boardrooms of the auto unions?
My guess is that only Ford will survive—because it hasn’t been taken over by the government.
This ought to be an object lesson to anyone who wants welfare from the government: If you take the money the government OWNS you. (check out this video–must be having a one teleprompter day)

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6 thoughts on “Community Organizer Takes Over Auto Industry

  1. Much has been written on how Obama is making people more dependent on Government help for everything.

    Now.. this is even more insidious. By demanding the resignation of the CEO of a private company. The way the news are reporting it.. “CEO to resign and they must make money in two months or No more government money”. This places a private corporation indebeted and depending on the government.

    In the first place.. GM never should have received bailout funds in the first place.. and the second place, it never should have asked for another round of money.

    There is NOTHING in Article II of the Constitution that gives this president that kind of powers. I could only wish that the supreme court would remind him as such of what he can or can not do.

  2. Having inherited some Ford Stock from my late Father I knew a month ago that Ford will survive. Ford almost did except Bailout money but I bet recent events and the firing of GM’S head guy yesterday by the “Communist Teleprompter” in the Whitehouse stopped all that.

    PS: 1. Don’t except any bailout money

    2. Elect Jim Tedisco from New York State

    3. Have the private sector do your car repairs and your Auto Warranties

    4. Fire the “Communist Teleprompter” in 2012

  3. This is just a major step in the Komrade’s plan to nationalize the country’s largest businesses. Chrysler will be next. Following that, who will be next? My guess is the major oil companies, starting with either Exxon-Mobil or Chevron.

  4. Victoria

    Why do you think the this administration would need an exit strategy?

    As you pointed out on your show tonight, the Administration is initially going to use inducements to make sure we have little choice in buying new government approved GM and Chrysler cars. These inducements will likely include, but not be limited to, the buy back of older models in exchange for the newly produced Fiat(fitting name for a government mandated car)-Chyrsler and GM greenmobiles together with the likely imposition of import tariffs on Japanese and and other non conforming automobiles.

    And given the triumvirate Chu at Energy, Browner as Energy/Climate Advisor and Lubchenco at NOAA, the Administration will then simply mandate a halt to all new drilling for domestic offshore oil and enact cap and trade to drive gasoline’s price higher. Only with such efforts in making gasoline far more expensive can they hope to politically justify and offset the exceedingly high production cost of these new green automobiles.

    CNBC speculates that several bank CEO’s are likely to be sacked by the Administration next and thus the government will then exert control over the banking industry. Once they control the banks the Administration can simply dictate financing only for those vehicles built to government standards.

    This administration plans to mandate its policies regardless of the ultimate cost to our freedom and economy! And their plan has no exit strategy!!

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