Coming to the US: British Bus Driver Boots Passengers So He Can Pray to Allah

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8 thoughts on “Coming to the US: British Bus Driver Boots Passengers So He Can Pray to Allah

  1. All I’ve got to say is… wow. I’m surprised that there’s not already some sort of outrage somewhere over this. I mean, if a Christian booted people off the bus so he could pray, can you imagine the screams from every direction? Him being fired almost immediately? Of course! So why does a Muslim man in England get special deference to practice his religion? Simply amazing…

  2. And where in the story does this mention the US? Your headline seems paranoid.

    Oh, I forgot, you’re a republican… par for the course.

  3. Coming to the US??? What,there already here. In my opinion the same type’s were Driving big Bus’s with wings and were Praying right before they drove those big Flying bus’s into three big buildings and a Pennsylvania field on Sept.11-2001. The only difference were that Passengers on those flying bus’s weren’t given the option of getting off while there bus drivers were Praying and Driving those flying Bus’s into Martyrdom.

    PS: And my fellow Democrats (I’m leaving the Democrats May 21) have the gall to nominate someone with the middle name of Hussein. My fellow Democrats since 9/11/01 you just don’t get it. Your Blind.

  4. It doesn’t. So what? The government and all those “rights” groups have an amazing ability to absorb and advocate stupid ideas from other countries. Heck, Oregon absorbed and implemented a stupid idea from surrounding states (that it knew had failed in those states) called CIM. Never underestimate the stupidity of bureaucrats, whether corporate or govermental… and the people who unashmedly practice hypocrisy as to religious freedom.

    And what is the relevance of your comment, Sarah? It seems irrelevant. Oh, I forgot, you’re a Democrat… par for the course (sounds stupid when I say it too, doesn’t it?). *conspicuous roll of the eyes*

  5. Sarah, as goes Europe (Britain too), so goes America, as long as the left has power.

    Already, schools back east have been using school funds to construct special basins for Muslims to wash their feet, a retual of their religious beliefs.

    Some have modified lunch schedules to accomodate Muslim prayer schedule, as well as setting aside a private room for their prayer period.

    What happened to “Seperation of Church and State?” Shouldn’t that also apply to “Separation of Mosque and State?”

  6. No Sarah, as of today, I’m a Democrat. At least until May 21st.
    And you don’t see that the Islamists are trying to do all they can to soften the ground for us to “be tolerant” of their behavior, takeover?
    You’re blind.

  7. Seems like most people here are ignorant to the world, and only have fear and racism for others ( oh, forget i’m on a “conservative” blog). Muslims have been here just as long as christians have, and up until sept. 11, they mostly co- habitated fine in the US. Don’t forget they’re many American muslims that just practice their faith and want to be left alone. I’m not condoning what he did, and he should have found a better way to handle the situation, but the reaction of the people towards him being muslim was terrible. He should be reprimanded for his actions, because it wasn’t their fault he was late. Some people find something new and become fanatical about, and this happens with any religion. I just read a story about a lady who refused to get her daughter medical treatment due to her faith in God and prayer. Needless to say, the daughter ended up dying.

    We accomodate hispanic’s by making everything available in spanish. I don’t see any signs that have english and arabic, only english and spanish. Nor do i see a big push to hire any arabic translators at your local DMV. Most people from overseas are required to know english, while hispanics are not. I know of a few who are citizens, who only know “yes” and “no”.

    Now i know someone will knock me for what i’m saying (who cares), but truth be told, i don’t like either party. Politicians and the bearucrats are mostly all corrupt and really only want to further their own means and agendas. Think aboout it, if you were in office you would only want to push your own ideas on everyone except listening to the majority of the people who voted you in. Hmm… sounds like a corrupt system to me.

    And by the way, this is coming from someone who was raised as an American muslim until 10, who then converted to christianity. Who cares about religion, and who cares about race. It’s all about the individual person or person’s who does anything to harm another, and i see more Americans harming Americans than anything in the world. Just look at your local news about school shoootings, child neglect and so on. Open your minds to the real issues that need solving people.

  8. Seems like you’re sadly ignorant of what conservatives believe, leslie, but that’s your own issue to address.

    Thanks, by the by, for an irrelevant rehashing of what most people know and acknowledge. Do you have any of these “real issues that need solving” to offer us or just a report of common knowledge?

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