Comcast Launches Obama CHANNEL

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14 thoughts on “Comcast Launches Obama CHANNEL

  1. “Liberals get your popcorn and your tin foil hats, the Obama nation show begins.

    And don’t forget to provide copious quantities of Kool-Aid to wash down that popcorn while watching the coronation/inauguration.”

    HAHA I knew there was a reason we dumped Comcrap.

  2. Witchywoman, Question for you. Where can a Conservative Person go for Broadband Internet, let alone Phone, TV, & SEARCH ENGINE (GOOGLE). There all on the Left, (MAYBE NOT DIRECT TV) but I’ve had them all and AOL is the worse. Dish network ******* slowly showed its bias. I’ve been asking this question since 1994, and us RICH REPUBLICANS “lol” DON’T DO A THING ABOUT IT. MSN, YAHOO, (COMCAST I’M NOT SO, SURE REMEMBER LARS LARSON WAS SIMULCAST ON TV THROUGH COMCAST) QWEST, AT&T THERE ALL ON THE LEFT. I KNOW OF CONSERVATIVES WORKING FOR SOME OF THESE COMPANIES though.

    PS: FROM 1994-2000 there was a DIAL UP Internet company called “MINDSPRING”. It advertised as conservative and PRO-LIFE. UNFORTUNETLY IT MERGED WITH earthlink in 2000. This needs to happen again to broadband Internet, TV, PHONE, even Internet search engines, GOOGLE IS SO FAR LEFT THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE MEANING OF THE WORD RIGHT IS.


  3. I don’t have the answer to that Klatu.

    The media is so saturated with liberalism that the left sees it as the norm. Fox news even has a tendency to lean left at times.

    I haven’t see any provider like Comcast so ready to create an alliance with Borak. Reminds me of Hitler.

  4. I wish I had known about this thing with Comcast launching an Obama channel. I have been with them for about 8 or 9 years and so far they have given me great service. And I just signed on with them a month ago to put our phones on, making our house fully on Comcast. But, just because they want to have an Obama channel, doesn’t mean I will watch it. There just aren’t days like that.

    And, Witchy-poo, I never drink Kool-aid. I prefer Icehouse, with Busch running a close second.

  5. Yea Witchy I think the same about Foxnews that you do, I’m not sure if its the Fair or the Balance that I don’t Like. I keep telling Whorealdo and Greta that CNN is Hiring. But Foxnews is a Channel where as Comcast, Dishnetwork, Direct Satellite, are “Content Providers”. A channel like Fox would have to go wall to wall Messiah where as one of the content providers can create a Channel (just like that). At least Comcast has it hidden away in the (On Demand) section.

    PS: But you know there already is a 24 hr channel for Democrats and the Messiah. Its called
    MSNBC or is it MSDNC or maybe ITS MSOBAMA

  6. Oh no mini me, I only drink Mexican beer. Corona and I don’t care to watch what the Black Republicans call America’s first Socialist President be crowned/inaugurated.

    Something I do like is watching RED EYE, on Fox News. Oh man do they ever make fun of left. It is refreshingly funny. It comes on after all those stupid commentaries.

  7. “I only drink Mexican beer”

    What a traitor.

    “Black Republicans”

    The whole three of them. Some joke hey witchypoop.

  8. MiniMe: Unlike Witchy-poo, I drink American made beer, Icehouse. I have drunk a bottle or two of Corona, but am not really fond of it. As for the cheap cigarettes, only you would know about that. I have never tasted tobacco in any form, nor do I ever intend to. I made it almost 74 years with out tobacco. I’m sure that I can make another 74 without it.

    This very likely goes against your way of thinking, but no one on this post, with the exception of iago, david, abel, iknow, and wacky, really cares about your thinking.

    Hey, Witchy-poo, is using MiniMe and the word “thinking” some sort of contradiction in terms? An oxymoron, if you will?

  9. I know your right. I am just sick of the way these hypocrites try to project their own racism onto conservatives. It really is transparent.

    (iago, david, abel, iknow, and wacky,) Would that be five people, or just one?

    Oxymoron, like being a Radiologist? Oxymoron, or just a moron?

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