CNN You Tube Debate: Just a Big Democrat Push Poll

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When have any of the Republicans in the race for President suggested woman go to prison for an abortion?
When have any of the Republican candidates suggested “we send all 12 million illegal aliens back home” at the same time?
Answer: Never.
That’s why I believe CNN took part in what was tantamount to a push poll to poison potential voters against the R candidates.
They’re not true, but bring up these red herrings anyway, that’s the philosophy.
Regarding all the planted question askers. Get the latest here.

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://

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11 thoughts on “CNN You Tube Debate: Just a Big Democrat Push Poll

  1. None has suggested mass deportation, but Huckabee HAS suggested in-state tuition for illegal aliens…

    We need to help spread the word on the false conservative. A degree in theology doesn’t make you a solid Republican.

  2. What I find interesting in all of this is the left response to being found out is to mock “Afraid of tough questions?” or make light of it “ooooh, the scary Democrat question-asking machine!”

    Yet, can you imagine the reaction should someone have discovered that republican operatives were softballing questions at their own debates, and then infiltrating the opposition’s debate and misrepresenting themselves as undecided Democrats in order to ask divisive, accusatory questions? Can you imagine it?

  3. Gully, how come you get to decide who is a real conservative. Sounds to me like you are one of the lefties on this blog that tries to start conflicts with each other to split up the real conservatives. Nice try, head back to Oregon Democrats for state funded abortions dot com. I do think the Jeff Gannon comment is funny. Wasnt that the guy that was a male escort on the white house press crew or something? I am sure he threw some soft balls around

  4. CNN-bs is the official “Baghdad Bob” of the so-called news networks. They are soooo BUSTED! The only audience they have is the remnants of the nyt staff.

  5. Yea your right the Clinton News Network did a big Democrat Push Poll.

    Ps: Comcast Cable has made it difficult for viewers to see MSDNC recently.
    They must upgrade to digital cable 1, to view that filth. I’ll call them and ask them to do the same to CNN.

  6. Klaturd, being the genius he is, has given credit the “Liberal LA Times” for that article, as if it’s their official statement. In fact, it was written by Tim Rutten as an Op-Ed piece. There’s a difference.

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