Christmas is Now Official Holiday in Iraq

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BAGHDAD – Iraq’s Christians, a scant minority in this overwhelmingly Muslim country, quietly celebrated Christmas on Thursday with a present from the government, which declared it an official holiday for the first time…

… In his homily on Thursday, Chaldean Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly praised the establishment of Christmas as an official holiday as a step toward easing tensions.

“I thank the government for giving chances to all to serve each other for the general benefit, and I thank it too for making this day an official holiday where we pray to God to make us trust each other as brothers,” he said at the Christmas Mass before several dozen worshippers in the small chapel of a Baghdad monastery.

A senior Shiite cleric, Ammar al-Hakim, attended the Mass flanked by bodyguards in a gesture of cooperation with Christians.

“I thank the visitors here and ask them to share happiness and love with their brothers on Christmas; by this they will build a glorious Iraq,” the cardinal said.

“We came here to bring a message of love, respect and gratitude to our Christian brothers and to share happiness with them as we have shared sadness with them during the cruel targeting they came under,” al-Hakim said in an interview with al-Furat TV. “We will do our best for equality between people and a good life for all, whatever their religious, sectarian and ethnic background.”

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31 thoughts on “Christmas is Now Official Holiday in Iraq

  1. Why can we not credit bush?

    Would you have the same feelings about making Eid ul-Fitr a US national holiday?

    Would the same people who were opposed to the Empire State building being decorated to celebrate such holidays, be more open to the making of a national holiday?

  2. Lew is right, Eileen. Bush has been blamed for nearly everything that has gone wrong all over the world since the Titanic hit that iceberg. And he will be blamed for everything that Obama does wrong during his term in office, up to and including Obama’s choice to have Rick Warren give the invocation at the January 20 coronation (oops! maybe that should be inauguration instead.)

    Palin/Hunter in 2012!! Change we can believe in and will desperately need by then.

  3. There are those on the extreme left who blame Bush for everything and those on the extreme right, such as Lew and Scottiebill, who blame Bush for nothing.

    Fortunately the great majority of the American people hold Bush accountable for that which he should be held to account, the extreme left and the extreme right be damned.

  4. I am not smoking anything Lew.

    While there are those who blame Bush for everything and credit him for nothing, that does not make up the majority.

    I see the same thing going on with Obama, from another group that is also a minority of the larger group they associate themselves with.

    But I am curious, how people would feel if Eid ul-Fitr was made a US national Holiday.
    Personally I am in favor it it (I like Holidays).
    In fact I am in favor of making any religious holiday, a National Holiday, IF some percent (I am not sure what the number should be, but not so low that any one can make up a religion and want their holiday nationalized) of the population is of that religion.

    Now that would be a step toward easing tensions, and respecting each other.

  5. Rhubarb: Where did you get the idea that Lew and I blame Bush for nothing? I can’t speak for Lew, but I do blame Bush for a number of things he has and has not done, but the far left kooks blame him for everything that has gone wrong and/or that they perceive that has gone wrong. That you cannot truthfully deny.

    Or can you????

  6. Scottiebill,

    In order for you to avoid the label of far right kook, perhaps you could direct me to your previous posts on this blog where you criticize George Bush as opposed to always defending him. The archives go back to 2005 so this should not be hard for you

  7. Since the original comment was about how the left blames Bush for everything, giving credit for nothing, perhaps Rhubarb et al would show us where they have defended or credited Bush here instead of again trying to divert the attention and subject of the comments.

    It is time that you all started showing how you haven’t been such hate mongers.

  8. I wonder if the Seattle Atheists are on there way to Baghdad to make sure there’s a separation of Church and Iraq.

    PS: Everything is Ronald Reagan’s fault, Or is it Richard Nixon, Herbert Hoover, Abraham Lincoln AAAAAAAAA

  9. Christmas in Iraq, yeah I would say, thank you Mr President!

    The difference between the left and right is this and I will try to make this as simple as I possibly can.

    We are republicans and we EXPECT our president to perform. We don’t hope, we EXPECT it. We expected the president to make our borders safer. Her didn’t. We expected him to dismiss any sort of amnesty for illegals draining our economy. He didn’t. We also expected him to stay out of any sort of bail outs. He didn’t.

    President Bush took the liberal road in many things. We see it. Here is what I don’t understand. Why you on left CAN’T see it. We don’t like all the liberal decisions he made, but that didn’t matter. Even the liberal decisions you all blasted him for. Like I said, that makes no sense to me.

    Bash Bush, bash Bush, man oh man, that is sooo transparent.

  10. A trillion dollar+ war initiated upon false pretenses, thousands upon thousands dead and wounded Iraqis and Americans, a country’s infrastucture destroyed, and a Muslim country can now celebrate Christmas. Thank you George Bush. You are the man.

  11. Another nice racist exclamation point that always adds a patina of crediblity to your arguments.

    Better a half Afican than the half-wit he replaces.

  12. Why don’t you think that the left expects anything of the president?

    I think they do.
    And he will not meet everyone’s expectations.
    But he will try to do what he believes is best for the country, as did Bush.

    It is not Bush I expect the far Right to ever disagree with, it is Rush. Rush may just be an entertainer, but he has a following, that worships his views (similar to what Lew often accuses the left of doing with Obama).

    Bush has never been far right. I disagree with him on many things, but have never seen him as being far right.

    I am still curious how people, who feel Christmas as a national holiday in Iraq, is a good thing, in terms of promoting people all getting along with each other; would feel about making Eid ul-Fitr a US National holiday?

  13. There mere fact that that sorry excuse of a senator was elected to office is proof in itself to me that there are no expectations of the left.

    Just exactly what do you expect of him? I expect that he will further the lefts agenda, that would be bringing in complete government control of all Americans. Of course that will be through the passing of more laws and restricting more freedoms. Seems like the only people that can see this clearly are people that have come here from communist dominated countries.
    We aren’t talking about Rush, we are talking about Borack Obama. With the left there is no set of boundaries. There are no morals, everything is acceptable.

    iago you are filled with hate, I would think this would be a very happy time for you.

    uEEiE, this is my point exactly, all encompassing and all embracing sounds like it is a good thing. Remember though that there are no lines drawn for left and you must accept all religions, (oh by the way the left also wants to rid the world to be a better place by getting rid of religion), so that said. You must also be acceptable of religions that will sacrifice animals, cast spells, or sacrificing humans to be more powerful. Trying to take the so called high road is not for the betterment of all.

  14. Eileen u∃∃l!∃ said… Rush may just be an entertainer, but he has a following, that worships his views.

    Klatu said: Eileen, most Ditto Heads don’t Worship Rush Limbaugh’s Views they “agree” with them.
    Nutcases that voted for “NOBAMA”
    Don’t know Nobama’s Views and just flock to him like typical Naive Yellow Dog Democrats that they are. NOBAMA has hidden his views just like the Liberal Media won’t tell people that they are Liberal and won’t do there homework on Nobama. Hopefully the increasing Conservative Media will expose the Fraud claim of “change” of the Nobama.

  15. Congratulations, iago. I didn’t know you could count that high 😉

    23 days and we will be here to remind you every step of the way how your Halfrican-American experiment with no values and Marxist background is really screwing things up.

    And of course, Bush will still be blamed.

    I’m looking forward to you whiners come two years from now.

  16. The typical perceived leftist view, that religion should be abolished, seems to contradict with the typical perceived leftist view that other people’s beliefs should be respected (not to be confused with agreed with).

    My own respect for other people’s beliefs/practices end where they inflict upon others, not sharing the belief (and those who are not ready to decide for themselves, such as young children and animals). By inflict I do not mean some minimal exposure to the symbols.

    I used to not understand why my sister was so upset when people took the fish symbol, and put feet an it, and the word Darwin in the middle.
    But I now completely understand. Taking a symbol that others see as sacred, and making fun of it, crosses a line that there is just no need to cross, even if not agreeing with the beliefs it represents.

    The amount of ignorance among those voting for Obama has not been shown to be any greater than that among those voting for McCain.
    (No study done was done in a scientific way, as for the results to have any statistical significance).

    I think there is ignorance in those who assume that the majority who voted for Obama are ignorant.
    These are the followers of the spin being spewed by a particular branch of the right wing (with significant influence by Rush).

    The tendency to agree with everything someone says (such as Rush) often indicates a type of worship. There is this tendency, that after agreeing with someone on a significant percent of what they say, to just start believing all of what they say.
    I see this in some Rush followers.
    Did it ever occur to you that Obama voters were voting against the Republicans, because they Disagree with the values and beliefs of the Republican party?
    Or maybe those that do agree with the values the Republican party once had, see such a contradiction between those values, and the actual direction of the party.

    Or maybe people voted for Obama because the Republican party showed such a lack of leadership in how it ran its own campaign?

    Voting for Obama does not translate to worship.
    Yes, there were some worship types, just like the Right had some who had bought into the anti-obama propaganda without knowing what Obama really stood for. (I believe there was an example of this that actually made the news.).

    Some expect Obama to end the war (although he seems to be less inclined to do this quickly the more he learns the facts.)
    Some expect Obama to inflict more fairness into the economy (I doubt he can do much, but he plans to try.)
    Some won’t be happy unless he goes so extreme to the left, it just creates a whole other set of problems just as bad (or worse) then what we now have.
    He sees that the economy is favoring very large corporations at a cost to small business, due to the many loopholes that have been added into our laws, and the manipulative power that large corporations practice.

    Personally I hope he does something to help keep jobs in the US.
    I believe that a major contributor to the current crisis is that so many middle class jobs are going overseas.

    Personally I expect him to be open minded enough to get together teams of experts, even if those experts don’t agree with him, and then listen, with an open mind to their views.
    I expect him to continue learning, as he seems to be doing rather quickly, and be willing to reverse even his own decisions if he later learns that they were not a good idea.

    I expect him to make an effort to have open communication with the rest of the rest of the world, and help improve how the rest of the world views this country.
    (They do not hate us because we love freedom, I have no idea where Bush got that idea).
    But at the same time, I expect him to NOT put this country at risk by decreasing our ability to defend ourselves, should that be needed.

    I can certainly tolerate him doing things I do not agree with.

  17. Eileen: there ya go again talking about 16 year old issue’s but,
    I’ll say it again

    1. Democrats Feel
    2. Republicans think
    3. Democrats = Socialism Justice
    4. Republicans = Capitalism

    Of Course Democrats Vote against Capitalism

    Hey I didn’t and wouldn’t have voted for Liberal Republican John McCain in the Primaries. You Liberals voted for him for me.
    I was for Fred Thompson–Mitt Romney. That’s what is wrong with the Republican Party at the moment, John McCain PLUS **** ****** OPEN PRIMARIES-CAUCUSES. BAN THEM.

    Eileen said: Personally I hope Obama does something to help keep jobs in the US.

    Klatu said: Eileen why don’t you stop HP from starting plants over seas. GOOD LUCK!


    PPS: THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS is from forces within the Democrat Party

  18. Hardly, cheesey. That “list” has been disproved so many times it has become laughable. Only Obamorons would depend on it now.

    You have proven nothing but a profound ability to copy & paste without an iota of supportive documentation, other than your own vitriolic hatred of what is good.

    Obama Über alles

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