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10 thoughts on “CAPTION CONTEST

  1. And Teddy Kennedrunk and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer and John Kerry and ESPECIALLY Howard the Wierd Dean. And the list goes on and on and on and —–

  2. Now to correct all you lame brains, Stabenow is talking about Republicans. Last time I checked it is the Bush Administration that appointed all the idiots that are too incompetant to even tie their own shoes let along run departments and agencies of the government. Besides, didn’t the Republicans vote to raise the debt ceiling? You can’t get any more dangerously incompetent than that.

  3. rousseau,

    I know I know all of us lame brains should just shut up and lay down by our bowls and let the elites like you do our thinking for us not!

  4. Rousseau is doing just what all liberal Dumocrats do when they have no real arguments or ideas, they resort to name calling, personal attacks, and innuendo. What’s next, Rousseau, the classic single-digit salute? Surely it wouldn’t be any indication that you’re #1, would it?

  5. scottiebill,
    I agree. You forgot calling actions by the President illegal. No matter what Bush says or does it will be illegal to liberals because they view Bush being President as being illegal.

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