Calling All Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots

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 Portland Tea Party 2-17-09 Founder, Geoff Ludt on left

The Tea Party started because the people were alarmed at the outrageous spending by the federal government. It was bad enough during the Bush Administration but the Obama Administration has spent us into near Greece status with a $16 Trillion in debt. People took to the streets in February 2009 over the massive spending.

Following this latest election, the doctrinaire Republicans such as Peggy Noonan are pointing fingers at the Tea Party Patriots claiming–somehow–that we’re to blame for the loss. We “rage” too much for her taste. I’m willing to take blame that’s mine, but I don’t think calling on conservatives to be more fiscally frugal is responsible for Mitt Romney’s loss.

Once again we’re hearing talk by Republican leaders of capitulating to the President and increasing the debt ceiling and raising taxes.

No more! We must prioritize spending and reduce expenditures!

At some point during the next few weeks we should let them know how powerful a group we are. I suggest we pick a date and en masse drop our Republican Party affiliation. Just change it to Indpendent–not the Independent Party, just our status.

Perhaps they might pay attention to us then. Some of you have already done this, most have not.

I’m open to suggestions on what date we would do this. Party registrations are easily done online.

Please let me know your thoughts. 

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.