Boston Marathon Terror: Who is That Guy on the Roof?

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Today the FBI called on all Bostonians to turn in their video or pictures from the scene before and after the attack on the Boston Marathon yesterday. And then this picture emerged from a witness. He didn’t initially detect the extra person on the roof of a nearby building when he showed the image to the cops, but now EVERYONE wants to know who that guy is.

boston marathon 9 man on roof

From ABC News:

College student Dan Lampariello told ABC News he was taking photos along the race sidelines when he happened to capture the moment one of the bombs exploded. But his original picture also showed the unidentified person walking on the roof of a building near the site of the second bomb explosion, which launched a debate on Twitter over whether the mystery person was involved.

I just double checked to see if there’s an update on this story. Nothing yet. 

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