Boston Marathon Bombers: It’s All in a Name

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boston marathon namesH/T to Andrew C. McCarthy, author of two books on terrorism and the point man for the Horowitz Freedom Center for the East Coast.

The Tsaraev parents brought their kids over to the United States , eventually dumped their bad seeds on the rest of us and left the country. We’re now finding out that the oldest, Tamaran, visited Russia, even went to Chechnya and that Russia asked the US to red flag him and check.him.for.terrorism. It’s surmised that Tamaran met up with some terrorist bad actors and/or radicalized while he was there for six months.

But judging from the names they graced their sons with, it could be that Dad did a little radicalizing of his “ethnic Chechens.” sons himself, starting with their very names.

As Andy writes here, 

Tamerlan is named after a legendary jihadist warrior andDzhokhar after a heroic leader of the breakaway Chechen republic — Dzhokhar Dudaev, killed by a Russian missile in 1996.


Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.