Blagojevich Ousted By Unanimous Vote! Sam Next?

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The Illinois Senate voted unanimously this afternoon to oust governor Blagojevich from office.

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Will Portland’s mayor have to meet a similar fate? Or will he do the right thing and avoid more embarrassment for the city and resign?

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6 thoughts on “Blagojevich Ousted By Unanimous Vote! Sam Next?

  1. Victoria

    It is hard to acknowledge the authority of the other members of the City Council, who by their very silence, seemingly condone Adam’s actions. Obviously, at this point, any official action taken by the City Council is suspect in their acquiescence of the shadow of lies and deception surrounding the Mayor.

    He needs to resign and they need to make it happen! The other City Council members, subject to the City’s Code of Ethics, need to end their silence and demand his resignation!! To do anything less, simply suggests that they embrace such unethical behavior as the standard for “business as usual” in managing the operations of the City Portland.

  2. Sam Adams is getting a “legal” pass, so far, on this one. Take a look at what’s happened to an LA coach at

    It seems there is a very ‘telling’ triple standard at work in these things: 1, for elected homosexuals supported by a swarm of hostile, militant, homosexuals; 2, when the older homosexual’s “victim” is a boy-toy; 3, vis a vis when the pedophile is an older man having sex with a young girl.
    My personal opinion in why this exists reaches very disturbing conclusions.
    First, “normal,” fully functional human beings understand the utter vileness of pedophilia and will demand the offending pedophile be drawn and quartered no matter his or her pedigree.
    On the other hand, it seems that with the accepted range of unnatural sexual acts in the homosexual playbook, pedophilia may seem tame.
    Isn’t there a national organization (NAMBLA?) that is advocating “No boy-child’s behind, left behind?” And don’t these people actually go out into public howling for the “legal” right to do these horrific things to little boys?
    In Portland, Oregon, the howling mob of perversion is intent on shoving their perversions in your face until you accept it as “normal” and as an acceptable act of “love.”
    If that sociopath Sam Adams resigned, his loving supporters, who made him their “poster boy,” would do an Edward II on him then set him on fire! In the name of equality and love, of course.
    Truth be known, Sam Adams is probably more terrified of his psychotic “supporters” than he will ever be of the “normal” people who show up at city hall with posters calling for him to resign.
    I’m quite certain Sam Adams is well aware of the story of the “end” to Edward II of England.

  3. Portland unfortunately has a history of sexual misconduct by politicians.
    What can you expect when the highest office in the world gets a pass, can anybody say Clinton.
    Good old Sam probably expects this to blow over if he just keeps showing up at city hall.
    Bad news for you Sam people are already starting to talk recall. I have been asked by people at the supermarket and day outing if I have any intention of giving it a try. Who knows we managed 25,000 signatures for an investment of 1200.00 and volunteers time.
    Here is hoping we do not have to go that route and save a lot of time and effort by the people of the city.

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