Benghazi, Remember That? Ty Woods’ Dad Holds Presser Today

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benghazi bloody handsThe father of Benghazi victim Tyrone Woods holds a news conference today with Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) to call for a Select Committee to look into why four Americans, including Smith and the U.S. Ambassador died on September 11th 2011. 

Congressman Wolf has been pushing for a Select Committee to look into the Benghazi debacle to determine why President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton refused to send help. The President went to bed during the attack, never bothering to ask the status before he lay his head on his pillow. 

Says Wolf,

It has been seven months since the attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, which led to the death of four Americans, including a U.S. ambassador and seriously injured at least four others.   

The months since the attack have been marked by unanswered questions that have brought the Congress and the American people no closer to understanding what happened that day.  No one has been held accountable and no solutions have been developed to prevent similar attacks in the future.  All of this points to the critical need for a comprehensive investigation.

Tyrone Woods was one of the former special operators who died during an eight hour long fire fight with terrorists who had killed the U.S. Ambassador and an aide at the diplomatic mission. Before he went into the Navy, eventually becoming a SEAL, Woods lived in Oregon City. 



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