Beaverton School District Extends Investigation of Hate Monger Teacher

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Originally posted Friday:
In a surprise development, the Beaverton School District now says they will NOT be finished with their investigation of hate-spewing teacher Jason Levin.  Levin is the source of multiple personal attacks on the Tea Party movement nationwide, including publicly calling on President Obama to assassinate Tea Party leaders, encouraging the theft of social security numbers, inciting identity theft, and advocating hate speech including explicitly racist speech.  

As just one example of the hate and racism of the radical left, one of Levin’s postings reads “No Darkies Allowed.”

I just talked to Sue Robertson, the chief executive for HR at the district – she says they will need at least another week for the investigation, and maybe more.  They are going for thorough over fast, which we can all praise.

She also said she needs to hear first hand from any additional parents of any child actually in Mr. Levin’s class who experienced any political advocacy.  Those first-hand stories need to be conveyed to Sue Robertson [at the district].

Oregon Tea Party leaders are disappointed at the lack of a result, however we support the district’s commitment to thoroughness.

We repeat our commitment to justice and fairness for Mr. Levin, in contrast with his call for our assassinations, and we request that all parents who “have not yet come forward” to do so.
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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.