Beaverton Proposes a Car Tax to Build More Bike Paths

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13 thoughts on “Beaverton Proposes a Car Tax to Build More Bike Paths

  1. This is a good thing. Although it’s surely not enough. Beaverton is exactly the kind of place that is going to die now that peak oil is upon us. In 25 years it will be a virtual slum, as Christopher Leinberger writes in the 3/08 issue of “The Atlantic.”

  2. The only virtual slum I see is the vast area between david appell’s ears. And we didn’t have to wait 25 years to experience it.

    Keep your peak oil wet dreams to yourself, oh chicken little of little faith.

  3. I have to agree with both “oregon reality” and ” bike path toll booths” there both right on target and I must say again David Appell and Beaverton “all in the name of “Karmic Justice”. There you go again.

  4. Has anyone actually seen the plans to build the bike paths and seen the budgets for the construction? I doubt Beaverton will get to far spending a bunch of money on something the city isnt really interested in. Thats the way Representative Government works. Doesnt anyone here believe in Representative government?

  5. Damm right. Get all those cars off the roads and replace them with bicycles.

    Good job David. We need to stop all OIL use on planet Earth immediatly and grow more corn.
    Actually David, Wheaties is much better and a close second is Honey Nut Cheerios, and if we don’t will all Die on this Planet we call Earth.


  6. AL wrote:
    > We need to stop all OIL use on
    > planet Earth immediatly and grow
    > more corn.

    Yes, we do need to stop using fossil fuels, which put dangerous gases into the atmosphere.

    But I’m not sure you understand the concept of “peak oil.” Our production of oil has peaked, while our demand has not. This gap will only increase over the coming years, and oil — and with it, gasoline — will only rise in price.

    How high does gasoline have to get before living in Beaverton is not a realistic option? $6/gal? $10/gal? Name your price — we will get there before you predict it.

    In the last three years, oil has risen 90% in price. Why will this halt? What fundamentals will cause a decrease in prices? Demand? Supply? Show me.

    The suburbs are being priced out of existence. They made sense at $1/gal. They might make sense at $4/gal. They do not make sense at $8/gal.

  7. Young David: At the present time bicyles do not have to be registered. But Tipper and Myself believe that bicycles should be registered and the proceeds from the registered bikes be used for the construction and maintenance of the bike paths. I have to agree with a few others in America and on this blog about registering Bicycles. Young David, Property tax’s do not go to Bike paths. There basically used for the public schools. Keep up the fight there young david.


  8. Al, government subsidizes automobiles and their associated infrastructure (viz. auto registration fees and gas taxes do not completely pay for roads, maintenance, policing, etc. Not to mention the externalized cost of automobile pollution paid by all of society.) Why shouldn’t it do the same for bicycles?

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