B HO’s Prayer Note At The Wall Just A Cheap Campaign Stunt?

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We recall the fuss made over Obama’s pre-dawn trip to the Western Wall in Israel last week, leaving his “personal and private” prayer note. We also recall how the Wall was festooned with campaign signs, cheapening his humble offering.

Many exressed outrage and criticism when that note mysteriously showed up in an Israeli newspaper.

All may not be as it seemed, though. A Maariv spokesman has said, “Barack Obama’s note was approved for publication in the international media even before he put in the Kotel, a short time after he wrote it at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.”

Another daily paper, Yediot Aharonot, says they too received a copy of the “personal and private prayer note,” but declined to publish it.

Yediot Aharonot claims, “it now appears that Maariv had collaborated with the Obama campaign in getting the ‘private’ prayer, with its ‘modest’ supplication to the Lord, out to the public, buffing his Christian credentials and showing his ‘humility,’” adding, “What initially seemed to be a journalistic scoop of dubious moral propriety now seems to be a case of an Israeli paper being played by the Barack Obama campaign.

If what these papers claim is true, it would appear the messiah in waiting is little more than just another cheap politician using anything holy to grab a few votes.

Could it be he would pull a stunt like this to deflect criticism of his being a Muslim in secret? Or, could it be to distance himself further from Black Liberation Theologian, Reverent Jeremiah Wright?

We may never know for sure.

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36 thoughts on “B HO’s Prayer Note At The Wall Just A Cheap Campaign Stunt?

  1. If he was Muslim, wouldn’t it be great? Barack Obama will be the first Muslim President in U.S. History. Is there something wrong with that Mr. bigot Lew?

    As for him being the “Messiah”, no fear Repubican Waterboy, you too will come to know him as your Messiah very soon. Now, better get to beddy bye so you can do a good job changin’ that oil tomorrow. I would suggest you start looking on a new career. Oil is on it’s way out as soon as our Messiah Obama is President.

  2. Simpleton, he has been accused of being a Muslim. Why not do something to deflect those charges?

    Now, why not show where I ever said he was a Muslim?

    Your hatred of Patriotic Americans is gonna eat you up, son.

    Go toke another joint.

  3. Hang in there Lew. You are sitting by the internet waiting for someone to comment. What do you do hit refresh a million times a night?

    As for Obama being a Muslim. I think it would be cool. That would really show that the American people have come along way. Not like you the bigotted dinosaur with no soul. Oh, you really are a simpleton. You hold down the site Lew. You lost Viet Nam, don’t lose VICTORIA HQ.

  4. WOW, does this mean you are gonna sleep now? So here is what I am gonna do, I will depart for now. But, someone besides me may comment sometime this morning why you are sleeping. That means, you should stay up and watch over VICTORIA HQ, so it doesn’t fall like you allowed Saigon.

    Hang in there Lew, you are becoming more and more of a charature of the lonely old man as the days pass. It really is sad, really.

  5. ME, taking on Lew is way too easy. he is just another Talking Point repeating machine. The guy has nothing to bring to the blog that is original or well thought out. He isnt capable of actually responding to anything using intellect. Thats why we are losing to the left wing. Obama is being attacked for being an Elitist, a Muslim, a Tax lover, blamed for high oil prices, immigrant lover. Nothing is working on the attack front, Obviously. I said a year ago. We have to think in a new way, push the agenda to the middle, not tear the right off the middle by insulting each other. We lost the middle because of that. We stand strong against illegal immigration, we stand strong against abortion, we stand strong against government invasion into our lives, we stand strong against the government taking all our hard earned dollars. But we are weakened by mindless repetition of talking points.

  6. me said: you should stay up and watch over VICTORIA HQ, so it doesn’t fall like you allowed Saigon.

    Jack said: “ME” you ***********
    Thanks for Speaking for the American Democratic Party
    “ME” and HANOI JANE(pictured) who also speaks for you Democrats. Empty SUIT Hussein(I’m a Muslim)Obama
    is proud of all Anti-American *******.

  7. Ok here is my problem with this. Yes if this was a cheap campaign stunt, it is bad….and my distrust of politicians leads me to believe it was.

    What is equally bad IMHO is the constant name calling from Victoria, and the intellectual dishonesty. Bush has paid protesters, scripted town hall meetings, and paid radio talk show host to promote his message. Recently McClellan stated that Fox news was sent talking points on certain issues. So where is the outrage…..it is discouraging. Why can’t we hold our government and politicians accountable, blind following will doom us all.

    Lew define Patriotic American, just curious.

  8. Maybe being that the Obama Muslim thing isn’t playing in the press, maybe Oilcan Lew can report on something newsworthy.

    I have to admit I am a bit surprised old oilcan isn’t holding down VICTORIA HQ. He is definately falling down on the job. I am wondering if he is running for the LZ for the evac. Oh well, I gotta go, Senator Obama is doing an online Quran study session in about 10 minutes.

    This should get Oilcan Lew started:

    Alaska Senator Is Indicted on Corruption Charges

    WASHINGTON — Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, the longest-serving Republican senator in United States history and a figure of great influence in Washington as well as in his home state, has been indicted on federal corruption charges. http://tinyurl.com/6fthj4

  9. The Republicans are the gift that keeps on giving. They seem to provide a good scandal every year about this time. Last year it was Senator Wide Stance, the year before Rep. Mark Foley. Thank you Sen. Stevens in your efforts to guarantee a filerbuster-proof Senate.

  10. Poor poor ME. So Stevens is indicted. If he is dirty, I want him gone, plain and simple.

    Now, when does the left do something about the corruption of William Jefferson, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, B.J. Clinton et al?

    mintaka, my definition is Americans who aren’t trying to change America into a cheap copy of the Soviet Union, like liberal Democrats are.

    I’m sure you will disagree and not like my definition.

  11. Oh, and ME, what does Stevens have to do with B HO pulling such a cheap campaign stunt?

    Can you ever actually address a subject without the usual obfuscation?

  12. ***mintaka, my definition is Americans who aren’t trying to change America into a cheap copy of the Soviet Union, like liberal Democrats are.***

    But using the White house for propaganda, selling out to corporate short term interest, politicizing the Department of Justice and yet, you seem to still be silent…..is that a “Patriotic American” action? I guess my point is, don’t throw around the patriotic label unless you are willing to be objective.

    BTW when I agree with you I don’t post…no reason to. You dead on about bikes vs. cars.

  13. It is worth noting that the Israeli daily didn’t just publish the content of the prayer attributed to Obama, but in fact published a photograph of the actual note, stolen by a seminary student. That is what you see on Lew’s post. Where is the copy Lew? Where is the authorization? Why did Maariv, who was roundly criticized in Israel for publishing the note fail to mention the pre-authorization until only after a criminal investigation began. Such investigation may prove that Obama authorized the publication. But so far that has is not the case. I am not going to jump to conclusions either way, and neither should Lew.

  14. This for your consideration from the New Republic:

    Ma’ariv has not offered any tangible evidence to support this claim, but they also have only made the claim via a spokesman to various Israeli papers rather than printing the accusation in their own paper.

    I just got off the phone with a Ma’ariv spokesman who says that the accusation is “completely false,” and that he has no idea who these papers were quoting from Ma’ariv. “No official spokesman for Ma’ariv told this to any of the papers.” I’ve got some calls in to these papers to find out where they got the quote. (I’ll update here when I hear back.) He told me definitively that “the Obama campaign did not give us a copy of the letter or approve it for printing.”

    –Zvika Krieger

  15. No fear KLOIN, Oilcan Lew and the Botox Bimbo will continue to perpetuate it regardless. But really, would it matter if it were true anyways? Sen. Obama is going to be elected President. Almost every conservative commentator agrees. And why with Repubicans to be slated to lose more seats than anytime in history, I suspect this November is going to be pretty grim for them.

    The indictment of Stevens today is being reported today by MSM as the proverbial nail in the GOP coffin. Iago is correct, the Repubes are a gift that keeps on giving. And everything the looney wingnuts try to throw at our messiah Barack Obama bounces off like rubber balls. Oh well, I am sure old oilcan will come up with another unprovable against Senator Obama for the Botox Bimbo to use on her show. She should really fire Eric the Weak and hire Lew, he is gonna need a job soon with oil being phased out in the Couv and Portlandia

  16. Silly boys, Ma’ariv, under threat of criminal investigations and boycott’s for publishing the “personal and private” note, leave more unanswered questions with their now denial of per-approval from the Obama camp.

    Just how did other media obtain copies of the note?

    How was it known he was goingto make a pre-dawn “personal and private” visit to the wall, so that campaign posters were prominently displayed and media photographers were present to photograph the “personal and private” moment?

    How did it all mysteriously appear on a You Tube video, with invitation to visit the official Obama campaign and with a “PAID FOR BY OBAMA FOR AMERICA” notation at the end of the video?

    Had Obama been told he couldn’t have campaign posters or photographers to record the “personal and private” moment, would he have canceled that too, as he did in visiting wounded Troops in Landstuhl, Germany?

    How many congressional investigations would be launched had it been a “personal and private” note by George W. BUsh that was “leaked” and subsequently denied?

    For critical thinkers, you boys sure seem to fall for a lot.

    mintaka, my silence about what you claim is because I don’t care to continue discussing the Clinton administartion all the time.

    As for objectivity, when I see it from the National media and the left, maybe you’ll have a leg to stand on.

    Like I said, it was “MY” definiton of Patriotism. I figured you wouldn’t like it, which is your right.

    But, it doesn’t lessen my outlook or personal sacrifice’s I have made for America.

  17. You are naive kloin if you think Lew was snookered. He knew the falsity of the story all along and repeated it anyway. That is what a smear is all about.

    Victoria should be careful. This is what happens when you allow an inmate to run the asylum.

  18. ***mintaka, my silence about what you claim is because I don’t care to continue discussing the Clinton administartion all the time.****

    There you go Lew…that is a true patriot, pledge to the party not your country.

  19. ****As for objectivity, when I see it from the National media and the left, maybe you’ll have a leg to stand on.***

    So…let me follow this logic….You will be object when the media is object? Com’on Lew get a back bone.

  20. Lew is cornered by the Chiuahuas !!!!!!! Cowering in the corner, waving his trusty flag pin in strong dissent of the rabid barking and snarling of the tiny puppies. oooohhhh, wait, he is donning his american flap cape. Here he comes out of the corner, american flag waving in the wind of the barking tiny dogs, he is not scared, he is Lew the american patriot, brave and proud. He doesnt know why, but he says he is, and he has spent many days convincing himself. Love those affirmations. About as convincing as the fake article and the phony claims that Obama is a Muslim.

  21. Christian Parents don’t give there children middle names like “HUSSEIN”. Of course
    Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim.

    PS: And CNS keeps spewing out the usual Liberal Hate.

  22. Jack, I love you reference, http://WWW.urbanlegends.com. Oh, Puhleaze. You are making me laugh so hard I cant type right. What if I told you, there are people that have christian parents with a middle name of Hussein. I am quite sure of it. I think its funny everyone had such a fit that Obama sat in a christian church for so long and noone questioned his faith in Christ then….This is just the latest attack that makes conservatives look bad. You fake conservatives will do anything to make real conservatives look stupid.

  23. Why is it you “critical thinkers” cannot answer any of the unanswered question about this “personal and private” note?

    Had it been Bush this had happened to, it would be the usual lynch mob mentality and cries for congressional investigations.

    For a “private” moment, he sure has gone public with it.

  24. Lew, its only the right wing news that is making this an issue. Get it straight. There was more coverage of John McCain saying that he supports time tables in Iraq. Which is the only coherent statement he has made since the primary. And what are those questions I should answer? Do I think its a political stunt? No, its not, its probably alot more genuine that you are in your rediculous claim that you are a conservative. Its pretty clear your only intention is to make conservatives look rediculous. Keep trying.

  25. Wow, Oilcan Lew you have egg all over your face AND you pulled the Botox Bimbo and KSPAM into the omelet. But I wouldn’t put it past the notion that you knew it was false all the time. Still, here is to your egg face.

  26. Isn’t that the point, cn? Had this been Bush, do you think it would have passed off so easily?

    Do you really think it wa sjust an innocent student, who appears to be an Obama supporter, who innocently pulled a little prank that landede copies of this “personal and private” note at several media outlets?

    The “admission” of the student does not explain the You Tube video, complete with an invitation to “visit the official campaign site” with the notation, “Paid For By Obama For America.”

    As I said, all you “critical thinkers of the left,” for it being such a “personal and private” moment, there sure were a lot press photographers present to film the event as well as Obama’s campaign posters pre-set up.

    Is Obama, who knows claims to have become a “symbol” for the world, worth all the worship? How deceived America is by this opportunist.

  27. CNS-HUSSEIN-36 Your full of it. Christian Parents DON’TTTTTTTTTTTT give there Kids Muslim Names.

    PS: CNS-HUSSEIN read those Emails if your able to read *********.

  28. I don’t find Senator Obama’s name (of Arab/Islamic origin) or religion (Christian) as very interesting, except in this regard:

    Within a decade of America being attacked by Arab Muslims, Democrats nominate a man with an Arab/Muslim name. Creepy. Like if Republicans nominated some dude named Adolph to run against Roosevelt WHILE WE WERE FIGHTING WWII.

    It says nothing about Senator Obama (a man can’t choose his name, and I don’t doubt his Christian faith) and a LOT about Democrats.

    As for the “Manchurian Candidate” Ismamic sleeper thing…. Only a complete moron would think that. He is quite dangerous enough just for his earnest politics (socialist), without inventing a load of garbage to pile onto it.

    Socialism is bad. Obama is a socialist. ‘nough said.

  29. My apologies for using the Senator’s name alone in my previous post.

    He is a United States Senator from the honorable, if confused, state of Illinois, and deserves to be addressed always as “Senator Obama.”

    And if he is elected President, I will take down President Bush’s portrait from my wall, and replace it with President Obama’s portrait.

    (of course, the wall might not be as prominent a wall as President Bush’s portrait enjoys…. and the portrait not as big…… but I WILL hang his portrait if he is elected. In the day, Americans hung a picture of the President in their home… didn’t matter if they voted for him.)

    Now, excuse me… I have to prepare President McCain’s portrait…. It will be BIG and be on my living room wall above the fire place (or where the fire place would be if I had one… lol)

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