Atta Boys for Iraq Strategy from an Unlikely Source

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The Washington Post. “Fighting Smarter in Iraq”

BAGHDAD — Three years on, the U.S. military is finally becoming adept at fighting a counterinsurgency war in Iraq. Sadly, these are precisely the skills that should have been mastered before America launched its invasion in March 2003. It may prove one of the costliest lessons in the history of modern warfare.
I had a chance to see the new counterinsurgency doctrine in practice here this week. U.S. troops are handing off to the Iraqi army a growing share of the security burden. As the Iraqis step up, the Americans are stepping back into a training and advisory role. This is the way it should have happened from the beginning.

Tensions eased after an Iraqi brigade commander, a Shiite, rolled his armored vehicles into the Sunni stronghold of Tarmiya and told local imams that his men would protect their mosques against Shiite attacks — and that in return, they must control Sunni militants. “He laid down the law,” remembers Col. Jim Pasquarette, who commands U.S. forces in the area. The crisis gradually eased there, with U.S. forces mostly remaining in the background.
“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Pasquarette says of the new rules of counterinsurgency. “In the old days, it was black and white — see a guy and shoot him. But counterinsurgency is a thinking man’s sport. Every decision you make, you have to step back and say, ‘What’s the next thing that’s going to happen?’ ” He says he drills his troops to remember the “three P’s” of the new Iraqi battlefield: “be polite, be professional, be prepared to kill.”

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23 thoughts on “Atta Boys for Iraq Strategy from an Unlikely Source

  1. From the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, President Bush announced in a nationally televised address that “major combat operations in Iraq have ended.” May 2, 2003

  2. Hey, idiot, er….fizziwigg, no more cruise missiles, no more B1-B17 stealth, no more B52, no more tank charges, etc., etc….I.E.: NO MORE major combat operations. If your IQ is higher than your shoe size, or the Kool-aid isn’t over-sugared, what don’t you get?

  3. I have proved a point. All you have to do is make and unadulterated statement of fact, and you will be attacked by the lunatic righties.

  4. suomynona,
    Lets see your proof of citizenship first otherwise shut your pie hole and go home yourself.


    I am not attacking you. Just provide me a definition of “major”.

  5. I was born here, kodiak – bear has already admited he wasn’t..and can’t prove he’s legal, so that only leads us to believe he’s in this country illegally -sure sounds like the same things you have all been saying for months so what’s the problem?


  6. suomynona,
    You say that you were born here but how do we really know that you were born here. We do not know you from adam. So where is your proof. You cannot provide it without revealing your true identity. Can you see where I am going here?

    Even if bear is here illegally it is a non-issue since the Government is apparently going to take a pass on making approximately 11 million leave.

    Why should the bloggers here take a tougher stand than the Government?

    Besides you have only bear’s word as to country of origin and inability to prove status.

  7. suomynona,
    Now you throw it back at me an say go ask the royality of this blog.

    Victoria does not appear to be going after bear about status.

    I believe you are trying to make a point and I am using you to make one as well.

    So do you see where I was going with my question?

  8. If it would help, Kodiak, I and every member of my family have sent in our “operation i.d.” letters. I am a naturalized citizen and a vet, with an American Passport, and proudly so. The libs are just trying to change the subject, since staying on topic destroys their self esteem. Ignore the nonsense.

  9. fizziwigg,
    I asked in a earlier post your definition of “major”. So far no response. The term major can mean anything depending upon contex of the application.

    In your citation the end of major operations against the forces of the Iraqi Government of Saddam was the subject of the meaning of major.

    Again I am not attacking you instead I am taking issue with your post and the implication you make with it along with your follow up post.

    If taking issue with your statements makes me a lunatic so be it. I would rather have lunacy over your version of reality.

    I am a independent conservative.

  10. bear,
    I have never questioned your status as I could tell from your posts.

    suomynona could not take the heat and bailed out and I was having sport with supmynona and making a point in the process.

    Thank you for your service.

  11. I couldn’t take the heat and bailed out? What heat was that kodiak?

    I’m not trying to change the subject, I am making the subject – which is getting ALL illegals out of this country and not giving them any free handouts they shouldn’t get.

    Since bear is an immigrant and by Vic and all of your standards can’t PROVE he is here legaly, then he MUST be illegal, and should go the f*** home!

    Don’t I just sound like everyone else around here..? Heck, I’m just a compassionate (f***ing) conservative like the rest of you…

  12. suomynona,

    I see the problem you have, it is difficulty in reading items that answers your questions.

    You asked bear to prove his legal status. Bear responded that he is a ‘n-a-t-u-r-a-l-i-z-e-d c-i-t-i-z-e-n’. I hope this helps. That means he is a citizen of this country and is a holder of an American passport which is sufficient proof of legality.

    I was asking you about your status. You replied that you were born here. I went on about how everyone has in this blog has to take you at your word that is the truth. That is the heat I was referring to, you were the one who told me to ask Victoria.

    Bear is not inviolation of any standards discussed here in this blog.

    Bear is already home and does not have to go anywhere. He is intitled to speak his mind as do you.

    Next time leave out the foul language even symbolic displays of it.

  13. Bear, Liberals have no self-esteem. By definition, that lack makes them liberals. They have no self-esteem, no solutions to any problem, no constructive answers to any question, and nothing to offer in the form of hope or compassion. All the liberals can offer is name calling, personal attacks, destructive innuendo, and, when all that fails, the single digit salute, indicating either that they think they are #1, or their IQ. Maybe both. Of course, all that is accompanied generously with the f-bomb. Suomynona is a prime example, here.

  14. scottiebill,
    I agree with your analysis. However, we must remember the lib’s are the elite class and are above all of us riff-raff. While the lib’s provide the colorfull expressions the rest of us are left to solve the problems of the day, provide the compassion etc.

  15. Ahh yes, compassion is wanting to take away someone’s (who was born here) right to be an American….anchor baby I belive you call them?

    It’s so transparent that your only reason to hoop and hollar about illegal immigrants is the fact you think they all (just might be) voting democrat – just admit it already..

    You want proof to vote, to get free stuff, to get taxpayer benefits…bear is an immigrant – let’s see this proof that qualifies him…I’m only asking the same questions you all are…except I don’t care about which party lines “illegals” are towing.

  16. suomynona,
    In a another thread I have said all I am going to say about another blogger’s status.

    If you wish to blog about Government policy and everone’s thoughts about it fine. Leave out personal attacks and express your opinion.

    I have not seen any statments concerning denial of status to anyone born in the US other than discussion of denial of automatic citizenship to illegal immigrants children born on US soil.

    I have misgivings about this idea and think it may open a can of worms that may best be left alone.

    Actually there is a lot of reasons to hoop and holler about illegals that them voting in elections. By the way if anybody can come and vote here without citizenship then what good is citizenship.

    Proof of status for services and voting protects your birthright as a citizen or in the case of a legal immigrant that has become a naturalized citizen. Again what good would your status be if anyone can jsut show up and get in line maybe ahead of you taking resources that you need away from you.

    With that said Iam done blogging on this subject.

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