As the Economy Collapses, Wa. Gov. Gregoire to Announce Support of Gay Marriage

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As we all know, or economy continues collapsing around us. The debt grows along with interest payments on it. Unemployment remains high, Clark County entering our 4th year of double digit unemployment numbers.

With taxes, fees and rates increasing while wages decline, our governor called a special session to deal with a projected $2 Billion budget deficit. When they convened, we only face a $1.6 Billion budget deficit.

So what it our lame duck governor’s chosen move now? To publicly announce her support for same-sex marriage at an announced Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012 news conference.

“Leaders of Washington United for Marriage, a coalition of gay-rights, civil-liberties, labor and religious groups, announced in November they plan to pressure the Legislature this coming session to pass a marriage equality law in 2012.”

Citizens are not expected to have a voice in the process as it will be decided by a majority Democrat legislature in Olympia.

Also, as pointed out before, this sham “equality in marriage” is anything but as it still excludes several others. No one has yet explained how, if same sex marriage is so beneficial,” two brothers might not marry under it. Or, first cousins, even though a marriage of first cousins performed in another state is legally recognized.

In pushing the “everything but marriage” bill a couple years ago, supporters made a lot of noise of it pertaining to seniors. Yet, the “equality in marriage” will not allow an elderly parent to marry an adult offspring so that benefits or other legal matters might be expedited, as was claimed for “everything but marriage.”

But, with our economy collapsing, facing staggering unemployment, should same sex marriage be the priority?

Should citizens continue to be denied voting their preference, as every state so f ar that legalized Gay Marriage did so legislatively, not asking citizens in their state?

Should a petition drive begin to place another initiative on the ballot, as was done with R-71, if you face intimidation, whether you sign or not, you can thank current GOP candidate for governor, Rob McKenna has he pressed all the way to the US Supreme Court for your name, signature and address to be available to Gay activists and placed on web sites with search engines so you may be “contacted” about your views.

Shahram Hadian opposes such measures.

Rob McKenna fought to make your name and address known to gay activists.

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