Aljazeera’s Senior Political Analyst Unimpressed By Obamas Tour

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Since it is the Middle East Obama seems to think he alone can fix and his desire to sit down with Middle Eastern leaders to “work things out,” how will that go over when Middle Easterners see his ‘Rock Tour’ more as “Tripe” than a trip?

Amazing that Middle Easterners can see the empty shirt, but so many Americas can’t.

Obama’s trip … tripping or tripe?

By Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera’s Senior Political Analyst

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16 thoughts on “Aljazeera’s Senior Political Analyst Unimpressed By Obamas Tour

  1. Aljazeera isn’t the only one unimpressed by Nobama’s tour. Im quite certain that the troops that Nobama went out his way to not meet with, in Afghanistan and Iraq as well at the hospital in Rhein-Main AFB in Germany, were equally unimpressed. There are a great many people here in the U.S. that were also unimpressed.

    But one thing some people could classify as “good” that came out of his trip. Nobama is now an expert in foreign policy, at least as far as the Middle East and Germany are concerned.

    Yeah! Riiiiiight!

  2. Perhaps you could get Aljazeera to help you fix the Days Since Obama Visited Iraq Clock. It appears to be stuck, maybe beyond repair.


  3. You know you are on thin ice when you have to look to Aljazeera to support your position.

    You really know you’re on thin ice when the above is all one can come up with.

    So, tell us, iago. Do you have a problem with Muslims?

  4. Oh, but mintaka, Obama is supposed to bring major shifts in the universe, don’t you know? He is the annointed messiah, shortly to walk on water.

    Isn’t he supposed to be the one with all the answers and ideas to stop Irans nuclear progression and save the world?

    Yet, he can’t even impress their media!

    Why is the left is always telling us to “listen” to Europeans and Middle Easterners, but when htey see through the empty shirt of Obama, we hear “Why should we care what Aljazeera thinks?”

  5. Funny, Botox Bimbo is quoting Aljazeera, the terrorist news network. How sad.

    Now what would you have said if they had rave reviews of his travels. Uh, uh I know, I know… nothing.

    As for you Blue Lew, it seems it is you who hates Muslims. Who is the one that wants the religion banned in the U.S. of A, Lew Waterhead. What a simpleton.

  6. Poor little simpleton. I defy you to find any comment anywhere on the internet where I have ever advocated banning Islam.

    Funny though, I love seeing ya’ll scurrying around trying to denigrate any and everything that doesn’t bow and scrape before the messiah in waiting.

  7. You are signed on to as a contributor are you not. “OUTLAW ISLAM”? Wasn’t it you that called into KSPAM to the Botox Bimbo and made statements a such? Be real, you hate Muslims, Lew, as well as the rest of your Repubican brethran do. It is no secret that the American Conservative hates non-Christians and immigrants alike. Time to quite playing games.

    But really, quoting the “terrorist news network” as Botox Bimbo often referres to it as? Come on, have some accountability Oil Can, damn

  8. Spare me the drama. I’m signed on to a lot of places where I don’t always agree with everything others say.

    You said that I hate Muslims. I challenged you then and again, show any place on the internet I advocated banning Islam or spoke against mainstream Muslims.

    As to my email into KPAM long ago, I simply asked why more Muslims haven’t taken a stand against those who are highjacking their religion.

    Might be time for you to lay off the Wacky Tobacky, it seems to have fried a few brain cells.

    As for your “no secret,” invent anything you wish. Your demented mind will believe anything that is hate of Patriotic Americans and Christians.

  9. 1 sec? You hang on every word, don’t you. I bet you are such a loser that you sit and wait by the “internets” to respond. That is really sad man. Oh, the life of a grease monkey washout.

  10. Son, you haven’t yet shown where I called for banning Islam or badmouthed Muslims.

    Even at A Newt One, show where I expressed what you accuse me of.

    Stretch as much as you want, you accused me, now show where I said it.

    Perhaps you’d prefer to visit the Swift Vets For Truth Forum and see where it was I who defended Islam.

    Sort of puts a crimp in your hate, doesn’t it?

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