AIG Bonus: Mystery Solved!

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14 thoughts on “AIG Bonus: Mystery Solved!

  1. I am getting to the point that I do not CARE which party or person is at fault for what happened in the bill.

    What I would really like to see.. is that legislation is introduced and there should be a time to allow the congress, both the house and the seante… TO READ the bills.

    Obama promised that on the campaign trail.. but apparently.. it was just talk.

  2. Kitanis

    If time were allowed for the public to read the content of pending bills, you, I and others like us would get on the phone to our respective US Representaitives and Senators making sure that the legislation would never pass. This tactic of accelerated legislative process is nothing more than Rahmbo style politics meant to get favored special interest backed legislation passed without interference from the electorate.

    For those who believe in Change,

    But for those who beleive the feigning of the Administration and Congress of ignorance about the prospect of AIG bonuses, you simply need to pull up articles from last October and November. For example,

    And, of course, those with responsibilities like Geithner, head of the New York Fed, or Dodd, head of the Senate Banking and Housing & Urban Affairs Committee, or the big O vested with selecting Cabinet members would lead you to beleive they weren’t aware of the potential for additional AIG bonuses raised by Democrat Cuomo last Fall?

    And this is Change You Can Believe In?????

  3. The ultimate reason for accelerated legislation like this is that Obama is running against a clock. He might seem like a dip from time to time but he’s sufficiently clever enough to remember that Clinton made quite a few leftward moves in 1992 only to be rewarded with a Republican-dominated Congress that obstructed him for the rest of the time. Obama seems to have figured out that he can use his large singleminded majority to push through many programs and liberal legislative initiatives before the people can take the majority away from it. After that, it’s simply a matter of intimidating Republicans and using rhetorical clubs to keep the new status quo.

  4. State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday October 22 2008 stopped a $19 million payout for the former CEO of AIG – and froze another $600 million in bonuses for top execs.

    So how much campaign $$$$$$$ did Nobama get from this former AIG CEO and top execs. Let me see now.
    No wonder they slipped that amendment into the Pork-ulas bill in January 09.

    I think I see the picture now.

    PS: And Nobama has the ***** to have his working people friends (UNIONS) Bused in and picketing (pretending) that they don’t like AIG. I got it.

    Tarp Money into the Campaign Coffers of Nobama.

    PS: Oh you’re going to bring that temper out in John McCain. Yep Crime you can believe in.

  5. question: Was any Tarp bailout money used to make political contributions last October? Answer YES — And will the politicians who received AIG cash give the money back? Obama are you listening? 2010 looking good

  6. Keith

    “The ultimate reason for accelerated legislation like this is that Obama is running against a clock.”

    And he may be running out of time faster than he would like. Rasmussen shows his Presidential Approval rating down to +4% today from +28% on Inauguration Day.

  7. Iago

    “They can go down into the 20s and it is ok.”

    Or in the case of the Democrat led Congress go “up” to the 20’s. Albeit, apparently only rather briefly!

  8. Lew –

    Well the way things are going, I suspect when the Presidential and Congressional approval polls converge, they will be low enough that even Iago may be able to handle the arithmetic. πŸ™‚

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