Ah, the tolerant left…

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Check out the anti Christian slam in the middle. Sweet, isn’t it?
Thanks to this photographic site.

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7 thoughts on “Ah, the tolerant left…

  1. ah, yes but take a closer look at the license tags. Me thinks the owner may be doing a large bit of praying to the “police” deity to avoid tickets.

  2. Ms Taft:
    The owner of the car shown in the photograph identifies himself as a “militant agnostic.” Unfortunately, almost any time a person becomes militant on questions of releigion, he becomes insensitive to the pain that his militancy causes.

  3. mr. viddy:
    Good point. Prayer is not something unique to Christians. Further, there are some groups who calls themselves Christians whose unthinking attitude i would prefer to keep out of our schools. You may recall that in September, Southridge high School in Beaverton proposed to stage the play “The Laramie Project.” Followers of the Rev. Mr. Fred Phelps came to picket the school, trumpetting his “God hates Fags” view. The Rev. Mr. Phelps unthinking hatred of any who does not condemn homosexuality in the most unqualified terms is something I would prefer to keep out of our schools.

  4. C’mon guys, everything on that car is anti-Christian!

    There’s the blasphemous Darwin fish, a slam against Christian’s going to public school, a slam against God (Christian God is the real one), a slam against conservatives (real conservatives are Christians), and a treasonous use of the flag (how dare a liberal who hates God, Christians, and America put an American flag on their car).

    In the Christian doctrine, there is nothing greater than to suffer for Christ. Oh how quickly a “Christian” follower will define that suffering as anything and everything they dislike. If they disagree, it must be suffering for Christ, and anti-Christian.

    Tolerance? More like the pot calling the tea kettle black.

  5. Dear Ms Taft:
    It seems the Rev. Mr. Fred Phelps has managed to become considerably more intrusive than the person posting the bumper sticker. There are now bills pending in several state legislatures that would limit the rights of people to appear at or near the funerals of service pesonnel to protest. The reason? The Rev. Mr. Phelps and his congregants regularly appear to picket the funerals of service personnel who were killed in Iraq, claiming that they died as punishment for our nation’s policy of harboring homosexuals and allowing them to serve in the military. I’m not sure that you would approve of this sort of unthinking adherence to a few obscure passages, mostly from Dueteronomy.

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