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In the first episode of “The Adult in the Room Podcast,” in addition to may takes on the news of the week, including my gobsmacking story from PJMedia, John Carughi – the Weapons Snatcher – talks about his experience at the Seattle riots on May 30, 2020. “Shooter Rughi” was acting as security for a TV news crew and saw two antifa rioters, dressed in black bloc, using police AR-15’s, stolen from a police car. One rioter shot into the cop car and the two set it on fire.

John Carughi "Shooter Rughi," the antifa weapons snatcher on The Adult in the Room Podcast With Victoria Taft
John Carughi “Shooter Rughi,” the antifa weapons snatcher on The Adult in the Room Podcast With Victoria Taft

Shooter Rughi, a former Marine, weapons instructor and private security contractor saved lives that day. Hear about this heroic act that he counts as a failure (!) in this edition of The Adult in the Room Podcast.

But wait, there’s more. I asked him to give his assessment of the Kyle Rittenhouse situation in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Remember, the 17 year old shot and killed two rioters and wounded another man. You’ll hear Carughi’s assessment of the situation based upon the stories and video readily available. Don’t miss this.

And we got word from the federal government today, that the man Carughi took one of the guns from was charged. Surprise! He was a felon in possession of a gun. The feds said these guys won’t be able to hide in crowds anymore. I’ll be writing more about this over at PJMedia later today. Check back here for updates on this story.

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