Abortion Kills a Beating Heart …and a Mother’s Spirit

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Michelle Malkin with the suicide of a woman who became despondent after aborting her twins. Here.
How Planned Parenthood preaches abortion:

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23 thoughts on “Abortion Kills a Beating Heart …and a Mother’s Spirit

  1. So, and when I become President there will be alot more abortions.
    Plus I will outlaw any family from having any more than 5 children. I’m sorry but thats the way it is and our brand new Health Care system just can’t sustain a large number of people. Family planning is important.

    I’m very sorry about the young girl in england but there’s way to many people on this planet and we must reduce the earths population.
    Barack feeels the same way as I do.


  2. I agree there’s way to many people on this planet.

    And on behalf of Tipper and myself we agree with our friends Bill & Hillary. Yes All We Are Saying is Give Abortion a CHANCE.


  3. Klaturd, you realize that if you click on the profile of “Hillary” “Bill and Hillary”, “Al”, and whomever else you may choose to pretend to be, it goes to your profile … so we know it’s (it is, not “its”, which shows possession) you.

    Not that we couldn’t (could not) have figured that out anyway, but still.

    Sloppy work, old friend.

    Encyclopedia Brown busts another case wide open!

  4. This is a tragic story, top to bottom, but it doesn’t change my mind regarding the right for a woman to choose whether or not it is the best decision for her on an individual basis.

    Clearly, in this case, there were many factors that led to the stresses in this woman’s life that culminated in her suicide. Her final choice, which she regretted, obviously … but in this sort of situation, I’m sure the relationship with the father was a major issue. She gave in to his demands despite her personal feelings on the matter. She perhaps didn’t have the guidance that, in retrospect, could have led her in another direction. Perhaps she didn’t have a family bond strong enough to get her through the times when she needed help most. I don’t know.

    From what I see on their website, Silent No More seems to have its heart in the right place. They do not seem to demonize or place blame upon those who choose abortion – rather, they offer help and support. I can totally get behind something like that, and I appreciate that there are those out there who want to help. More power to them.

    That said, I do think that there is a percentage of the population (the majority? the minority? In all honesty, I have absolutely no idea.) who have selected abortion as an option after careful thought, and who have benefited from their decisions.

    Would I rather abortion not be someone’s choice? Certainly. In a perfect world, adoptive parents would be more abundant and the process simpler for people to become involved with. However, from a pragmatic point of view, it’s not the case. If only it could be so simple.

    So abortion as an option – not necessarily the BEST option, not necessarily for every woman who finds herself facing an upheaval and personal dilemma – should be available as far as I’m concerned, as – though it ended horribly in this case – it may help others under other circumstances.

    Two other reasons I support abortion rights, apart from this individual case:

    1. As a guy, I don’t feel it’s my place to tell a woman what she should or should not do with her body.

    2. I don’t think it’s right to legislate morality. Our government should fix our highways, keep our schools and libraries open … but not get involved with such intensely personal matters.

    What I do have a major problem with personally, and I think about this quite a bit when the issue comes up in conversation, is regarding late term abortion when the fetus would be viable outside the mother. That’s a tough one, and I do wrestle with it.

    Ultimately, though, I go back to the two reasons I mention above (it’s not my body, and it’s not the government’s body), and I support choice. That’s the way I see it.

    I know others violently disagree with my outlook on this matter, but when I hear that “pro-choice” equals “pro-abortion”, I have to say that’s incorrect. Pro-choice is simply stating that I’m in favor of a woman having the right to choose; pro-abortion implies that I am for women having abortions. Maybe it’s a semantic argument, hidden in shades of right and wrong – I don’t know.

    To me, there’s a difference. While I wish that fewer people would choose abortion as an alternative, the decision ultimately is not for me to make. Thus, I support the right to choose, though I favor alternatives other than abortion whenever possible.

    But again, that’s not – and should not be – my choice to make.

  5. One more thing, regarding the graphics that Victoria has chosen to post: two of them are from the Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria. I don’t know how/if this organization is related to Planned Parenthood here in the States, but I’m assuming that it isn’t (at least, not fully).

    Nigerian families, the difficulty of overpopulation on another continent that doesn’t have the same resources to raise families as we do here (healthcare, availability of foods, etc.) … well, that’s just a giant can of worms, as far as I’m concerned, and a completely different issue to me than the one regarding the artist and her suicide.

    I don’t think it’s fair to associate the two organizations the way Victoria did, at least not under a story such as the one she chose to post these photos with.

  6. iknowhowtospell said: As a guy, I don’t feel it’s my place to tell a woman what she should or should not do with her body.

    Oh please Iknowhowtospell don’t you know or remember that it was guys in Robes back in 1973 that said us woman could murder our unborn. If guys can make the decision, guys can critize and overturn Roe vs. Wade and send the debate back to the states.

    The thought of Hillary or Obama as president on this one issue alone scares the crap out of me. I don’t think there’s a problem with OVERPOPULATION.

  7. Sorry, Kathy – I wasn’t on the Supreme Court in 1973. Had I been, maybe I’d feel differently. I’m just playing with the cards I’ve been dealt.

    If you disagree with my opinion, by all means, continue to vote your conscience and try to persuade others (like me) that I’m wrong. My ears are open, and I’m willing to listen to any argument.

    As far as the guys in robes who “made the decision”, what they “decided” was that it was up to the woman to make a decision. The Supreme Court’s decision was that the woman has a right to choose. The SC’s decision was not that women *had* to have abortions, and their decision was not to take certain choices away.

    Their decision, in effect, said, “it’s not our business to decide how you will rule your life.”

    I know you’ve probably gotten used to the Bush administration slowly taking choices like these away from you over the past 7+ years, but that’s the way it was, is, and with any luck will continue to be.

    The Supreme Court chose not to restrict individual citizens’ rights on the matter, a decision I stand by whole-heartedly.

  8. if its about choices !!

    most women choose to be with a man !

    most women choose to have sex !

    most women then choose not to use protection ! ( at least not properly )

    so they made a few choices before they got pregnent, so whats one more choice to take an unborns life ! its just a choice.

  9. I can’t disagree with some of what you wrote, TNR. There are often many choices to be made, and often they are done poorly. I can’t sugarcoat or deny that.

    These are real problems. Not hypothetical, pie-in-the-sky ones that can be easily fixed.

    We may not like it, but it’s a reality – and, as such, I believe abortion should remain a legal option, no matter how many things “went wrong” before getting to that point.

    I’m sure that sounds a bit cold and callous, but it’s the sad reality.

  10. remember, you cant be pro war and pro life. It is obvious that the fake conservatives on here want to impress the real conservatives by regurgitating the line that they dont support abortion. Abortion should be illegal, it is killing. All killing is illegal, that should include dropping bombs on innocent people eating dinner at their table with their children, with a pregnant mom talking to them. Oh wait, they are Al Qaeda, killing them is ok…….

  11. cnskate

    I beleave you can be pro life ,and pro war . Heres why .

    Prolife- unborn and inocent !

    prowar- the attacts of 911 killed inocent people . There should be retalition for that act of war.

    Pro death penality- if convicted of a crime that deserves the death penality , so be it!they are no longer inocent .

    an unborn child is inocent , after you commit a crime you are no longer inocent and should be punished for that crime!

    Just my opinion !

  12. inNocent. Two N’s.

    OK, so “There should be retali(A)tion for that act of war” ?

    This is where we differ in the most dramatic way.

    I want justice, not revenge. Revenge does not solve problems. It may make a victim feel better, temporarily, but then it becomes a ping-pong game; two sides trading violence for violence.

    This is why many (if not most) Democrats who do not support the Iraq war did/have/will continue to support the war in Afghanistan. That’s where Al Qaeda was before we went into Iraq. That’s where Osama bin Laden had set up operations.

    If we could go back in time and, instead of attacking Iraq, use those troops in Afghanistan instead, the current administration would likely be looked upon MUCH more favorably.

    Justice, not revenge.

  13. Well, iknowhowtospell, there’s the tiniest problem with this issue: the majority are elective. This basically means that most of the time, you’re killing a baby because you feel like it. Whether it’s not convinient or you were irresponsible or whatever, abortion is used as a tool of convinience. That said, there’s a problem with your two reasons to be pro-choice:

    1. “It’s not my place as a man” is a silly assertion because it assumes that the only one with moral authority to tell someone to do something is a person who is like them. Should blacks be the only ones allowed to tell blacks what to do? Men the only ones who tell men, women the only ones who tell women? It’s an absurd concept.

    2. Legislating morality is what the government does all the time. The government has decreed that if your sexual partner is below a certain age, you can be imprisoned for rape even if its not rape as we understand it. The government has decreed that if a crime is a “hate” crime, it deserves more punishment than another crime. The government has decreeed that it is the duty of every taxpayer and worker to surrender a little money to help the less fortunate. Thus, the government legislates morality all the time… you just want a special exemption for when the morality it might legislate conflicts with your own convictions. Sorry… if you accept the government legislating some morality that you might agree with or nor care about, you don’t have a leg to stand on when protesting its right to legislate on morality that you care about or disagree with.

    Ultimately, “a women’s right to choose” became the people’s inability to choose when the Supreme Court handed down the abominable Roe v. Wade decision. I may morally disagree with it but that’s not why I call it an abomination. It relies on policy preference alone, explicitly admitting that the “right to choose” does not exist in the Constitution but it now shall exist because the Supreme Court says so. The voters no longer have a right to regulate abortion themselves so defend for me the proposition that a woman’s right to choose is more important than the people’s right to choose.

  14. Keith, though I disagree with you on the issue at hand, I wish to compliment you on a well-written, well-thought-out post. You make a point, then you back it up, all without resorting to name-calling.

    You are the anti-Klatu. Well done!

    I hope you stick around to help fuel debates (rather than plain old arguments) around here.

  15. Oh, don’t compliment me… it just encourages me. I’m a bomb-thrower, I am! 😛

    No, not really. I appreciate the compliment, iknowhowtospell, and appreciate that you seem willing and able to treat issues intelligently and civilly.

  16. Nobody knows who Klatu is. He’s got roughly 32 characters on this board, and none of them have a solid grasp on grammar.

    He’s also a giant spaz, as you can tell by his posts.

    Though I have some strong back and forth with folks like Lew Waters, for instance, I actually do (mostly) respect the guy, because he posts intelligent responses on quite a regular basis. (I say mostly, though, because he’s prone to some of the same name-calling and generalizing that Klatu is.) Still, he tries. His heart is in the right place, I can tell.

    Klatu, however – for a long time, I thought he was a persona from the start, someone’s version of performance art. I figured he was someone posing as a rabid, venomous, hardcore rightwinger, because who could keep up such a pace? It must be tiring!

    But no … it has continued, unabated, for many, many months. I think he’s legit, which is a scary though.

    Anyway, I don’t like him, and I don’t respect him. I’ll play nice for the most part, but all bets are off with him, and I make no apologies for my interaction with him.

    Unfortunately, the loudest people get the most attention, and it would seem that Klatu feels some kind of proprietary ownership here, despite the fact that he doesn’t run this blog.

    He’s like a little dog with a big bark. A little dog who poops all over his house, time after time.

  17. I think he’s an idiot and I just can’t see anyone blathering in the way that you describe and being serious. Perhaps he just gets his rocks off provoking the other side… that can actually be a great deal of fun but it’s only REALLY fun if you can piss the other guy off legitimately i.e. causing someone to curse and scream at you because you’re right.

  18. What is funny about this issue is that abortions have gone up 19-25% since the retarded chimp was placed in the presidential seat. The economy has more to do with abortion rates than anything else. If it is illegal, desparate people will go to back room clinics. Another counter intuitive thing is that in areas with real public Health/sex ed the abortion rates are less, along with unwanted pregnancy rates. No One wants an abortion(right Victoria), but in order to prevent them education is the answer

  19. Well, gee… how can we argue with such inane logic as bigdug’s? He refers to an imaginary event (a redarded chimp being president) and earnestly asserts that being poor makes you more likely to kill your baby. It’s an amusing argument and I thank him for the entertainment but he might try less vitriol and more facts next time.

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