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  1. ALL of the major news networks are all run by DIEHARD RIGHTWING REPUBLICANS:

    CNN — is owned by Time Warner. Its CEO is Jeff Bewkes.

    ABC — is owned by Disney. Its CEO is Bob Iger.

    CBS — is owned by CBS Corporation. Its CEO is perennial Bush ally Sumner Redstone, who is also CEO of Viacom.

    NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC — are all owned by General Electric, a charter member of the military industrial complex, i.e. a perennial war profiteer. Its CEO is Jeff Immelt.

  2. That’s because diehard rightwing Republicans are the only businessmen with enough brains to acquire and run a media business while leaving their hands off the minute details. Diehard leftwing Democrats would be interferring all the time and pull an Epic Fail.

  3. Keith Moore misses the point yet again. He would have you believe that networks controlled by Republicans are easily led by Obama. If that is the case there is no hope for the Repoublican Party.

  4. Keith Moore has a more realistic view of the world than you do, Rightwingwacko. Unlike you, he realizes that businessmen understand that personally directing what their papers print and their magazines display and their TV stations broadcast is a waste of time for them. This is the same thing as the principle that if Bill Gates stopped to pick up a $100 bill from the sidewalk, he’d be losing money: the big media moguls that control these news organizations tend to choose profit when deciding which thing they’re going to spend their time doing. If you can get $1 million by spending your time growing your holdings or sacrifice that million spending your time controlling what your news holdings say, which do you think the halfway intelligent CEO does?

    Republicans control media holdings; liberals/Democrats control the dissimination of news. There is an important distinction which apparently escapes you.

  5. Speaking of oneself in the third person is never healthy.

    You conveniently omit FOX News. It is owned by a Republican who controls the content. What you are saying is that Republican ownership of the other networks is overpowered by the Republican desire for earnings. You have shown that liberal control of the mass media is a fiction.

  6. I was just imitating your style, Righty ol’ boy.

    Indeed, Fox News is owned by a conservative Republican. However, he exerts no specific control over content except in that he originally bankrolled the idea of a “fair and balanced” cable network. Other than drawing up the blueprints, however, he exerts no control over exactly what is done. Your argument about Murdoch is that designing a structure that inevitably serves a certain function is the same thing as exerted detailed control over how that structure is used. Vehicles move over a highway bridge in great numbers but this doesn’t mean that the bridge’s designer is dictating that they do so and indeed, that designer exerts no control at all over which vehicles use the structure he designed to be used by vehicles.

    Once again, content and dissimination is controlled by a liberal establishment even when a strongly conservative Republican owns the organizations that end up doing the dissimination. The only exception is Fox New because it was designed to work in a totally different manner that effectively prevents ideaological control of the content it offers.

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