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Angry Motorist Goes After Portland Rioter With the Only Thing She Has–Laundry Detergent

This is the scene from the Portland riots Thursday night as the protesters blocked streets and prevented people from moving.

My daughter has had to walk home for days because protesters are blocking public transit.

This lady just couldn’t take it anymore and lashed out at the anarchists.

Who will protect these people so it won’t be necessary to take matters into their own hands?

The Oregon Republican Party has called on Portland Mayor Charlie Hales to resign for “dereliction of duty.” Read about that here.

These aren’t organic riots, these are conspiracies with paid protesters by well known, politically connected actors in Portland.

Oregon GOP Calls for Portland Mayor to Resign Following “Trump Riots”

The Oregon Republican Party has called on Portland mayor Charlie Hales to resign citing dereliction of duty for the out-of-control riots following election day.

Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier said the lack of action by Hales, who oversees the Portland Police Bureau, “escalated” the riots:

“It is unconscionable that Portland city commissioners, according to media reports(link is external), not only encouraged demonstrators violently protesting against the results of a legitimate election, but actively enabled them by not ordering the police to take action as the protesters overtook area freeways. This is a dereliction of duty. If Mayor Hales will not stand for law and order and do his job to protect Portland residents from violent rioters, then he should immediately resign.”

Over the past two days, rioters have illegally disrupted commerce and traffic, smashed cars and windows, destroyed private property and committed numerous crimes. The protests have devolved into chaos, as Portland Police declared riot status on Thursday evening. Numerous reports have emerged of people stopped in traffic on closed freeways, facing harassment by passing rioters. The lack of action by City Hall is a clear factor in the escalation of the riots.”

While Hales is set to leave office in January, the Oregon GOP chief is clearly outraged how the protests were pre-planned and Hales did little to stop them from getting out of control. Untold thousands of dollars damage has been done protesters:

They’ve also asked the Democratic Party of Oregon to join them in renouncing the mayor.

As I pointed out here, there’s evidence that the  so called “Stop Trump” protesters have been paid by unions and other organization working with them.

The  liability for the damage done to the city’s businesses and infrastructure should be placed squarely on the people who orchestrated this “protest.”

And it’s refreshing to see somebody demanding civility and order in Portland.

Here Are Ads Offering to Pay “Stop Trump Protesters” $15-18/Hour

More proof that the crowds around the nation “protesting” Donald Trump are just an extension of the usual paid political protesters from the ‘Peaceful Response’/ANSWER crowd to ‘Jobs for Justice’ to Occupy Wall Street  to ‘5 for 15’ to Black Lives Matter. Now this.

In Portland, protesters rioters  bashed in the windows of businesses in the downtown:

They attacked a KGW cameraman and his gear with a baseball bat:

They vandalized with impunity:

That nice Safeway that keeps downtown Portland ‘walkable’ for all the granola lovers? Bashed in:

After declaring the riot was illegal, protesters were told by police to rally at Pioneer Square:

Others ignored the order and sought to take over the freeways–and police helped them:

Organizer, former mayoral candidate and professional protester, Cameron Whitten thanked his people for coming out to the protest:

Within in the last couple of weeks, James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas undercover video showed Democratic operatives paid protesters to pick fights and escalate violence at Trump rallies.

The same operative  admitted to arranging to illegally vote by busing people in–or buying them cars.

These people get paid.

Here’s the price of rabble rousing in Portland:


The ad reads:

"Be Part of a Movement to stop Trump on the East coast and in the Midwest!! We are currently working on house and senate elections in the state of Oregon and fighting to Stop Trump in battleground states on the east coast.

 -Great work environment
 -Paid training
 -Work with the most sophisticated field program
 -Opportunities for rapid advancement
 -Educate voters on candidates that support working families
 -Learn about politics and economics
 -Valuable campaign experience
 -Unionized workplace

 -excellent communication skills
 -passion for our issues
 -ability to work independently
 -good in group dynamic
 -leadership experience a plus

Working America does not discriminate against any Employee because of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, religion, color, age, disability, or national origin

With over 3 million members, Working America knows what it means to build strength in numbers."

Seattle protesters were offered benefits:

Here’s what they’re paying in Philly:


The ad reads:

"STOP TRUMP - up to $1500/week hide this posting
 compensation: $15 per hour-$18 per hour
 employment type: employee's choice
 non-profit organization
 Hiring Immediately! Call Today Start Tomorrow!

$15 - $18 hourly rate + bonus + overtime! up to 77 hours per week!
 Drivers Earn Gas Reimbursement!
 Morning and Evening Shifts

No previous experience required
 Full time and part time positions
 Weekend positions available
 No fundraising!
 No commission!

Call 267-606-5147"

Since Portland, Seattle, Philly, Chicago and other cities where riots have taken place pay the protesters it seems it would be pretty easy to track down whose liable for all the damage.